More Information »The Tankyrases (TNKS1/PARP5A and TNKS2/PARP5B) are poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases that catalyze the ADP-ribosylation of target proteins. TNKS' are involved in the regulation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling and have been implicated in the pathology of various forms of cancer.

Tankyrase Products

Product Name / Activity
5775 AZ 6102
Potent TNKS1/2 inhibitor
4514 JW 55
Tankyrase inhibitor
5084 MN 64
Potent and selective tankyrase inhibitor
5049 TC-E 5001
Potent tankyrase inhibitor
4855 WIKI4
Potent tankyrase inhibitor
3748 XAV 939
Potent tankyrase inhibitor
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