Retinoic Acid-related Orphan Receptors

More Information »Retinoic acid-related Orphan Receptors (RORs) are a family of orphan nuclear receptors that are believed to play a role in numerous physiological processes, including circadian rhythm and bone metabolism. The endogenous ligand for these receptors is not yet known.

Retinoic Acid-related Orphan Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
5868 SR 0987
T cell-specific RORγ (RORγt) agonist
4874 SR 1078
RORα/γ agonist
Product Name / Activity
4868 SR 1001
RORα/γ inverse agonist
4869 SR 2211
Selective RORγ inverse agonist
Product Name / Activity
0695 Retinoic acid
Endogenous retinoic acid receptor agonist; proposed RORβ ligand
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Nuclear Receptors Product Listing

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