Bromodomain Inhibitors

Product Name / Activity
5970 BAY 299
Potent and selective BRD1 and TAF1 inhibitor
5266 BAZ2-ICR
Selective BAZ2 inhibitor
5590 BI 9564
Potent and selective BRD9 and BRD7 inhibitor; orally active
4758 Bromosporine
Broad spectrum bromodomain inhibitor
5331 CPI 203
BET bromodomain inhibitor; arrests cell cycle at G1 phase
5635 GSK 2801
Selective BAZ2A and BAZ2B inhibitor
5385 GSK 5959
Potent and selective BRPF1 inhibitor
4650 I-BET 151 dihydrochloride
BET bromodomain inhibitor; also promotes differentiation of hiPSCs into megakaryocytes
5591 I-BRD9
Potent and selective BRD9 inhibitor
4891 I-CBP 112
Selective CBP/p300 BRD inhibitor
4695 Ischemin sodium salt
CBP inhibitor; cell permeable
Dual BRD4 and CBP/p300 bromodomain inhibitor
4499 (+)-JQ1
Potent, selective BET bromodomain inhibitor; cell permeable
6068 Lin28 1632
Bromodomain inhibitor; also RNA binding protein Lin28 inhibitor and promotes mESC differentiation
2418 LY 303511
BRD2, BRD3 and BRD4 inhibitor; also negative control of LY 294002 (Cat. No. 1130)
5173 MS 436
Potent and selective BRD4(1) inhibitor
5786 NI 42
High affinity BRPF inhibitor
5546 NI 57
Potent and selective BRPF bromodomain inhibitor
5744 NVS-CECR2-1
Potent and selective inhibitor of cat eye syndrome chromosome region, candidate 2 (CECR2)
5289 OF 1
Selective BRPF1B and BRPF2 inhibitor
4928 OXF BD 02
Selective BRD4(1) inhibitor
5801 PF CBP1
Selective CBP/p300 bromodomain inhibitor
4445 PFI 1
BET bromodomain inhibitor
5072 PFI 3
Potent and selective SMARCA2/4 and polybromo 1 inhibitor
5576 PFI 4
Potent and selective BRPF1 bromodomain inhibitor
4889 SGC-CBP30
Potent CBP/p300 BRD inhibitor
6000 TP 472
Potent BRD9/7 inhibitor
5489 XD 14
BET bromodomain inhibitor
4132 XMD 8-92
BRD4 inhibitor; also ERK5/BMK1 inhibitor

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