Glucose Transporters

More Information »Glucose transporters enable the movement of glucose, a hydrophilic molecule, across the cell membrane. Glucose is an essential source of energy for mammalian cells, and is also used as a substrate in protein and lipid synthesis.

Glucose Transporter Products

Product Name / Activity
6100 Fasentin
GLUT1/GLUT4 inhibitor; also Fas-sensitizer
4484 STF 31
GLUT1 inhibitor; also NAMPT inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
5504 D-(+)-Glucose
Naturally occurring monosaccharide
5734 L-Dehydroascorbic acid
GLUT1 substrate; oxidized form of L-Ascorbic acid
3506 NVP DPP 728 dihydrochloride
DPP-IV inhibitor; augments GLUT2 levels
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