Non-selective Muscarinics

Product Name / Activity
2809 Acetylcholine chloride
Endogenous neurotransmitter
2810 Carbamoylcholine chloride
Cholinergic receptor agonist
0588 5-Methylfurmethiodide
Potent muscarinic agonist
2604 Milameline hydrochloride
Muscarinic receptor agonist
3074 (+)-Muscarine iodide
Muscarinic receptor agonist
0843 Oxotremorine sesquifumarate
Muscarinic agonist
1067 Oxotremorine M
Muscarinic agonist
0694 Pilocarpine hydrochloride
Muscarinic agonist
Product Name / Activity
0692 Ipratropium bromide
Muscarinic antagonist
1414 Scopolamine hydrobromide
Non-selective muscarinic antagonist
5902 Tiotropium bromide
Potent muscarinic receptor antagonist
3761 Tolterodine L-tartrate
Potent, non-selective muscarinic receptor antagonist
0532 W-84 dibromide
Stabilizer of cholinergic antagonist-receptor complexes
Product Name / Activity
0750 PG-9 maleate
Presynaptic cholinergic modulator
2973 Piracetam
Modulates neurotransmission at muscarinic receptors
0751 SM-21 maleate
Presynaptic cholinergic modulator
Product Name / Activity
0388 Ambenonium dichloride
Cholinesterase inhibitor
2967 Phenserine
Cholinesterase inhibitor
0622 Physostigmine hemisulfate
Cholinesterase inhibitor
0965 Tacrine hydrochloride
Cholinesterase inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
1695 Cisapride
Stimulates ACh release; increases intestinal motility
2330 DMP 543
Potent, orally active ACh release enhancer
0537 MR 16728 hydrochloride
Stimulates ACh release
2851 Nefiracetam
Cognitive enhancer
4533 PTAC oxalate
Muscarinic receptor ligand; exhibits partial agonist and antagonist activity at different subtypes

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GPCR Product Listing

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