Nicotinic Receptors (Other Subtypes)

Product Name / Activity
3549 3-Bromocytisine
Potent agonist of α4β4, α4β2 and α7 nACh receptors
5236 CC4
High affinity and subtype-selective α6β2 and α4β2 partial agonist
1518 5-Iodo-A-85380 dihydrochloride
High affinity α4β2 and α6β2 subtype-selective agonist
1527 5-Iodo-A-85380, 5-trimethylstannyl N-BOC derivative
Precursor to 5-Iodo-A-85380 (Cat. No. 1518)
4831 NS 3861
α3β2 full agonist; also α3β4 partial agonist
4766 SIB 1508Y maleate
Potent agonist of α4β2, α2β4, α4β4 and α3β4 nACh receptors
4764 SIB 1553A hydrochloride
Subunit selective nAChR agonist
1348 UB 165 fumarate
Subunit selective nAChR agonist
Product Name / Activity
3205 ACV 1
α9α10-selective antagonist
3120 α-Conotoxin AuIB
Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist
3124 α-Conotoxin EI
α1β1δγ selective nAChR antagonist
3119 α-Conotoxin ImI
α7 and α9 selective nAChR antagonist
1340 α-Conotoxin MII
Potent α3β2 and β3 subunit selective nicotinic antagonist
3121 α-Conotoxin PIA
Selective antagonist of α6-containing nicotinic receptors
3123 α-Conotoxin PnIA
Selective α3β2 nAChR antagonist
2349 Dihydro-β-erythroidine hydrobromide
Antagonist for neuronal α4-containing nicotinic receptors
4424 SR 16584
Selective α3β4 nAChR antagonist
Product Name / Activity
3328 Desformylflustrabromine hydrochloride
Muscle-type nAChR inhibitor; also positive allosteric modulator of α4β2
4141 LY 2087101
Potentiator of nAChRs

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