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Integrins are ubiquitously expressed adhesion molecules. They are cell-surface receptors that exist as heterodimers of α and β subunits. Under physiological conditions, integrins are highly glycosylated and contain a Ca2+ or Mg2+ ion, which is essential for ligand binding.

Integrins 'integrate' the extracellular environment with the cell interior by binding both the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the cytoskeleton. They are critical for cell attachment to the ECM, which is mediated through integrin-fibronectin, -vitronectin, -collagen and -laminin interactions. Intracellularly, integrins form adhesion complexes with proteins including talin, vinculin, paxillin and α-actinin. They also regulate kinases, such as focal adhesion kinase and Src family kinases, to mediate attachment to the actin cytoskeleton. Integrins also have a significant role in cell signaling and can activate protein kinases involved in the regulation of cell growth, division, survival, differentiation, migration and apoptosis.

Glycoprotein II/IIIb (αIIbβ3) is an integrin receptor found on the surface of platelets. It is involved in the cross-linking of platelets with fibrin, and so has a vital role in blood clot formation.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
α1 Human ITGA1 NM_181501 P56199
Mouse Itga1 NM_001033228 Q3V3R4
Rat Itga1 NM_030994 P18614
α2 Human ITGA2 NM_002203 P17301
Mouse Itga2 NM_008396 Q62469
Rat Itga2 XM_345156 Q924S3
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