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Exonucleases, also known as restriction enzymes, are a group of esterases that cleave nucleotides from RNA or DNA chains by hydrolyzing the phosphodiester bonds at either the 3' or 5' terminus. Exonucleases can exist individually, for example RNase D, or as part of a larger complex, for example Mre11 exists in a multimeric complex with Rad50 and Nbs1. Exonucleases are nuclear enzymes and are vital for DNA synthesis, proofreading and repair.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
Mre11 Human MRE11A NM_005591 P49959
Mouse Mre11a NM_018736 Q61216
Rat Mre11a NM_022279 Q9JIM0
ERI1 Human ERI1 NM_153332 Q8IV48
Mouse Thex1 NM_026067 Q7TMF2
Rat Thex1 NM_001014143 Q5FVR4
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