Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger

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The Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX) is a low affinity, high capacitance calcium antiporter membrane protein that functions to regulate intracellular calcium concentrations. It is located on the plasma, mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticular membranes of excitable cells. Using the electrochemical gradient of Na+, one Ca2+ ion is transported out of the cell in exchange for three Na+ ions.

The Na+/Ca2+ exchanger compliments the high affinity, low capacitance Ca2+-ATPase and together, they are involved in a variety of cellular functions including control of neurosecretion, relaxation of cardiac muscle, maintenance of intracellular Ca2+ stores in the endoplasmic and sarcoplasmic reticuli and excitation-contraction coupling. Under normal physiological conditions, Na+/Ca2+ exchangers export Ca+ from the cell. However, under cellular stress, such as excitotoxicity, they can switch to 'reverse mode,' which has a protective effect.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
NCX1 Human SLC8A1 NM_021097 P32418
Mouse Slc8a1 NM_011406 P70414
Rat Slc8a1 NM_019268 Q9Z0T8
NCX2 Human SLC8A2 NM_015063 Q9UPR5
Mouse Slc8a2 NM_148946 NP_683748
Rat Slc8a2 NM_078619 P48768
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