OX2 Receptors

More Information »The OX2 receptors, also known as hypocretin receptor 2, are located primarily in the cerebral cortex, paraventricular hypothalamus, nucleus accumbens, subthalamic and paraventricular thalamus where they are thought to regulate sleep-wakefulness.

OX2 Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
2142 [Ala11,D-Leu15]-Orexin B
Potent, selective OX2 receptor agonist
Product Name / Activity
4558 EMPA
Highly potent and selective OX2 antagonist; brain penetrant
5645 IPSU
OX2 receptor antagonist; orally bioavailable
4317 JNJ 10397049
Selective OX2 receptor antagonist
3371 TCS OX2 29
Potent and selective OX2 antagonist
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