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RNA and DNA polymerases are enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of RNA and DNA respectively.

In eukaryotes, there are four forms of RNA polymerase (I-IV), which are classified on the basis of the type of RNA they produce. During transcription, these enzymes direct the synthesis of a RNA chain complementary to the DNA template, until a termination signal is reached. RNA polymerase activity is tightly controlled throughout the initiation, elongation and termination phases of transcription by diverse regulatory signals ranging from protein factors to small molecule inhibitors. Due to its intergral role in transcription, RNA polymerase also represents an important target in epigenetics research.

There are at least fifteen different DNA polymerases known in eukaryotes. These enzymes have roles in DNA repair, as well as DNA replication. DNA polymerases cannot initiate de novo DNA synthesis; they require a primer, formed by the enzyme primase. DNA polymerases are unidirectional and can only elongate DNA chains in a 5' to 3' direction. A unique feature of some of these enzymes is their 'proofreading' ability. DNA polymerases I, II and III have 3' to 5' exonuclease activity and they can remove incorrectly newly incorporated nucleotides. This makes the error rate during DNA replication very low, hence maintaining the integrity of the genome.

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
POLR1A Human POLR1A NM_015425 O95602
Mouse Polr1a NM_009088 O35134
Rat Polr1a NM_031772 O54889
POLR1B Human POLR1B NM_019014 Q9H9Y6
Mouse Polr1b NM_009086 P70700
Rat Polr1b NM_031773 O54888
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Cancer Research Product Guide

Cancer Research Product Guide

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Epigenetics Scientific Review

Written by S. Müller-Knapp & P. Brown

Epigenetics Scientific Review

Our Epigenetics review gives an overview of the development of chemical probes for epigenetic targets, and discusses their biological effects. Request copy or view PDF today.

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