RNA/DNA Polymerase

More Information »RNA and DNA polymerases are enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of RNA and DNA respectively. In eukaryotes, there are four forms of RNA polymerase (I-IV), which are classified on the basis of the type of RNA they produce.

RNA/DNA Polymerase Products

Product Name / Activity
4148 Abacavir hemisulfate
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor; antiretroviral
1229 Actinomycin D
Inhibits RNA polymerase
2513 Acyclovir
Inhibits viral DNA polymerase; antiherpetic agent
4025 α-Amanitin
Inhibitor of RNA polymerase II
5211 AM-TS23
DNA polymerase λ and β inhibitor
5736 Aphidicolin
DNA polymerase α, δ and ε inhibitor
4150 Azidothymidine
Selective reverse transcriptase inhibitor; antiretroviral
5417 BMH 21
RNA polymerase 1 inhibitor; also p53 pathway activator
4149 Delavirdine mesylate
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor
6234 Entecavir
Potent and selective hepatitis B virus inhibitor
1489 Mithramycin A
Inhibitor of DNA and RNA polymerase
3666 Tenofovir
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
1567 Thiolutin
Bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
4723 T2AA
PCNA inhibitor; inhibits PCNA/DNA polymerase δ interaction
3253 Triptolide
Inhibits RNAPII-mediated transcription; antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive
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