Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptors

More Information »Aryl hydrocarbon receptors (AHRs) are cytosolic transcription factors that exist bound to co-chaperones in the resting state. Ligand binding causes the co-chaperones to dissociate, allowing AHR to translocate to the nucleus, dimerize and alter transcription of target genes.

Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
5304 FICZ
High affinity aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) agonist
1803 ITE
Endogenous agonist for the transcription factor aryl hydrocarbon receptor
3873 MeBIO
AhR agonist. Inactive analog of BIO (Cat. No. 3194)
1267 Pifithrin-α hydrobromide
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist. Also p53 inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
3858 CH 223191
Potent aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) antagonist
3859 6,2',4'-Trimethoxyflavone
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist
Product Name / Activity
4628 DiMNF
Selective aryl hydrocarbon receptor modulator (SAhRM)
Product Name / Activity
4393 L-Kynurenine
Tryptophan catabolite; endogenous aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand
Product Name / Activity
4995 Phortress
Prodrug of the antitumor agent 5F 203

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Nuclear Receptors Product Listing

Nuclear Receptors Product Listing

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