Translocation, Exocytosis & Endocytosis

More Information »Once proteins are translated, they must be directed to the appropriate localization within, or outside of the cell. Protein translocation occurs either during translation or after translation and depends on the N'-terminal signal-recognition particle (SRP) interacting with its receptor.

Translocation, Exocytosis & Endocytosis Products

Product Name / Activity
6180 NMS 873
Potent and p97 ATPase (VCP) allosteric inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
1231 Brefeldin A
Disrupts protein translocation to Golgi
2334 D15
Endocytosis blocker
4417 DBeQ
Selective and reversible p97 ATPase inhibitor
3922 Eeyarestatin I
Potent inhibitor of ER-associated protein degradation and translocation
1850 Exo1
Inhibits Golgi-ER traffic; blocks exocytosis
5172 FLI 06
Inhibitor of Notch signaling
3584 Golgicide A
Arrests secretion of soluble and membrane-associated proteins
1987 Leptomycin B
Inhibits nuclear export of proteins; antitumor
2839 Levetiracetam
Antiepileptic; binds SV2A
5153 ML 240
ATP-competitive inhibitor of p97 ATPase
4082 Anti-PIKFyve
Antibody recognizing PIKfyve
5978 WL 47 - dimer
High affinity caveolin-1 ligand

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