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Kinesin superfamily proteins (KIFs) are motor proteins that convert chemical energy, typically in the form of ATP, into mechanical force. They act upon microtubules to move vesicles and organelles within cells, cause the beating of flagella and cilia, and act within the mitotic and meiotic spindles to segregate replicated chromosomes to progeny cells.

Generally, kinesins mediate plus-end transport. Kinesins exist as dimers, with a catalytic 'head' domain and a 'stalk/tail' domain that is important in interactions with the cargo molecules. The 'neck' attaches the stalk to the head and is essential in determining direction of motility and regulation of activity. The head and neck (known collectively as the motor domain) are conserved across the family, whilst the stalk is highly divergent, reflecting the wide range of cellular functions of kinesins.

Some specific kinesins have been implicated in human diseases, including Alzheimer's (KIF5), polycystic kidney disease (KIF3A / KIF3B) and diabetes (KIF5B).

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Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
KIF1A Human KIF1A NM_138483 Q63Z40
Mouse Kif1a NM_008440 P33173
Rat Kif1a XM_343630 Q2P9S1
KIF1B Human KIF1B NM_183416 O60333
Mouse Kif1b NM_207682 Q60575
Rat Kif1b NM_057200 O88658
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