Insulin and Insulin-like Receptors

More Information »Insulin receptors (IRs) and insulin-like growth factor receptors (IGFRs) are formed from two subunits, each of which is comprised of an extracellular α-subunit and a transmembrane β-subunit with intracellular tyrosine kinase activity. IR homodimers are activated by insulin.

Insulin and Insulin-like Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
4774 BMS 536924
Dual IR/IGF1R inhibitor
5111 GSK 1838705
Potent IR and IGF1R inhibitor; also inhibits anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)
5247 NVP ADW 742
ATP-competitive inhibitor of IGF1R
2956 Picropodophyllotoxin
Selective IGF1R inhibitor
2768 PQ 401
IGF1R inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
1819 Demethylasterriquinone B1
Selective insulin RTK activator
3435 Insulin (human) recombinant
expressed in yeast
Endogenous peptide agonist
Product Name / Activity
5402 6bK
Insulin degrading enzyme (IDE) inhibitor
5154 HNGF6A
Humanin analog; increases insulin sensitivity
5799 Mitoglitazone
Insulin sensitizer; exhibits low binding affinity at PPARγ
5192 NBI 31772
High affinity insulin-like growth factor-I binding protein IGFBP inhibitor
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