Matrix Metalloproteases

More Information »Matrix metalloproteases (matrix metalloproteinase, MMPs), also called matrixins, are zinc-dependent endopeptidases and the major proteases in ECM degradation. MMPs are capable of degrading several extracellular molecules and a number of bioactive molecules.

Matrix Metalloprotease Products

Product Name / Activity
2621 ARP 100
Selective inhibitor of MMP-2
2622 ARP 101
Inhibitor of MMP-2
2961 Batimastat
Potent, broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
2632 CL 82198 hydrochloride
Selective inhibitor of MMP-13
3780 CP 471474
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
4090 Doxycycline hyclate
Broad-spectrum MMP inhibitor; tetracycline derivative
2983 GM 6001
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
2631 Marimastat
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
3268 Minocycline hydrochloride
Inhibitor of MMP activity
4902 NSC 405020
Inhibitor of MT1-MMP; antitumor
2628 ONO 4817
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
2520 PD 166793
Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
2916 Ro 32-3555
Potent, collagenase-selective MMP inhibitor
6088 SB 3CT
Selective high affinity MMP2 inhibitor
4775 SD 2590 hydrochloride
Potent MMP inhibitor
4187 UK 356618
Potent and selective MMP-3 inhibitor
2900 UK 370106
Highly selective MMP-3 and MMP-12 inhibitor
4188 UK 383367
Potent and selective BMP-1 (PCP) inhibitor
2633 WAY 170523
Potent and selective inhibitor of MMP-13
Product Name / Activity
3807 Disulfiram
Inhibits expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9; displays a range of other activities
4604 PTIQ
Potent MMP-3 expression inhibitor; neuroprotective
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