Smoothened Receptors

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Smoothened (Smo) receptors are non-classical G-protein-coupled receptors that belong to the Frizzled family. Smoothened receptors lack the ability to directly interact with their endogenous ligand, Hedgehog (Hh). In the resting state, Smo receptors are bound to and repressed by patched (Ptc).

Upon Hh-Ptc interaction, Smo receptors are liberated and phosphorylated (activated). This initiates a signaling cascade that controls the activity of transcription factors belonging to the Gli family (particularly Cubitus interruptus (Ci)). Smo receptors are vital for embryogenesis (segmentation and appendage development) and are involved in maintenence of tissue homeostasis in adults. The human gene encoding the Smo receptor has been localized on chromosome 7q32.3.

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Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
Human SMO NM_005631 Q99835
Mouse Smo NM_176996 P56726
Rat Smo NM_012807 P97698

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