Miscellaneous Glutamate

Product Name / Activity
5033 2-MPPA
Selective glutamate carboxypeptidase II (GCP II) inhibitor; orally bioavailable
1380 PMPA (NAALADase inhibitor)
Highly potent, selective NAALADase (GCP II) inhibitor
0768 Riluzole hydrochloride
Glutamate release inhibitor/GABA uptake inhibitor
2675 ZJ 43
Glutamate carboxypeptidase II and III (NAALADase, NAAG peptidase) inhibitor
Product Name / Activity
3618 Acamprosate calcium
Glutamatergic modulator and GABA agonist
0395 N-Acetylglycyl-D-glutamic acid
Potent convulsant
0341 L-AP6
Selective agonist of the 'quis' effect
2538 L-BMAA hydrochloride
Neurotoxic amino acid
0262 2,4-Dihydroxyphenylacetyl-L-asparagine
Component of Joro spider toxin
1611 Lamotrigine
Inhibits glutamate release. Anticonvulsant
2289 Lamotrigine isethionate
Inhibits glutamate release. Water-soluble salt of lamotrigine (Cat. No. 1611)
5785 MDNI-caged-L-glutamate
Stable photoreleaser of L-glutamate
1490 MNI-caged-L-glutamate
Stable photoreleaser of L-glutamate
2687 Pentylenetetrazole
CNS stimulant
3574 RuBi-Glutamate
Caged glutamate; excited by visible wavelengths
0636 Salsolinol-1-carboxylic acid
Endogenous amino acid
0391 Spaglumic acid
Putative endogenous neurotransmitter
3847 Theanine
Glutamate receptor ligand
2625 Zonisamide
Anticonvulsant, modulates glutamate neurotransmission

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