More Information »Hsp90 (90 kDa heat shock protein) is a molecular chaperone that aids protein folding and quality control for a large number of 'client' proteins. Hsp90 operates as dimer and has intrinsic ATPase activity. The Hsp90 dimer acts in concert with other chaperones (e.g. Hsp70).

Hsp90 Products

Product Name / Activity
1515 17-AAG
Selective Hsp90 inhibitor
4608 BIIB 021
Selective Hsp90 inhibitor
2435 CCT 018159
Hsp90 inhibitor
2610 17-DMAG hydrochloride
Water-soluble Hsp90 inhibitor
4701 EC 144
High affinity, potent and selective Hsp90 inhibitor
3387 Gedunin
Hsp90 inhibitor; exhibits anticancer and antimalarial activity
1368 Geldanamycin
Selective Hsp90 inhibitor
1629 Herbimycin A
Hsp90 inhibitor. Also Src family kinase inhibitor
3061 Macbecin I
Hsp90 inhibitor
3104 PU H71
Potent Hsp90 inhibitor
1589 Radicicol
Hsp90 inhibitor. Antifungal antibiotic
Product Name / Activity
5480 KRIBB11
HSF1 inhibitor
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