Tocris and SGC Collaboration

Tocris Bioscience signs agreement to distribute novel Epigenetic probes

Tocris Bioscience (Bristol, UK) announced that it has entered into a global collaboration agreement with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to supply novel chemical probes and compounds for epigenetics research. The collaboration aims to increase the impact and commercial availability of novel, open-access epigenetic chemical probes developed by the SGC within the global research community.

The SGC focuses on developing high quality, open-access chemical probes to investigate the biology and therapeutic potential of a wide variety of epigenetic regulatory proteins. Through this agreement, these novel chemical probes are made available by Tocris to the global research community. Epigenetics-based therapy has relevance for a wide range of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Providing chemical probes for novel epigenetic targets is already accelerating scientific research with the hope of driving the development of novel therapeutic candidates.

"We are delighted that Tocris will distribute our chemical probes so that the research community can discover more about these novel epigenetic targets and ultimately their roles in disease" said the SGC's Director, Aled Edwards.

"We are excited to be working with the SGC to offer their epigenetic probes to researchers worldwide" said Duncan Crawford, Chief Scientific Officer at Tocris. "This partnership provides our customers with a guaranteed supply of the SGC epigenetic probes from a trusted commercial source."

About the SGC

With active research facilities at the Universities of Oxford and Toronto, the not-for-profit organization supports the discovery of new medicines by carrying out open-access research in structural and chemical biology. More than 200 researchers in academia and in nine pharmaceutical companies collaborate within the SGC to accomplish these goals. The SGC is funded by Genome Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, the Wellcome Trust and nine pharmaceutical companies. More information is available at

About Tocris Bioscience

Tocris is a leading supplier of high performance life science reagents to the global research community. We have a long tradition of working alongside pharmaceutical companies, government institutes and universities to bring new discoveries out of the laboratory and into the commercial arena. Since 1982, Tocris has been committed to making new discoveries possible by providing the highest performing and most innovative range of research reagents available. High product purity and respect for intellectual property set Tocris apart from other suppliers, and have made the Tocris range a trusted and valued resource for life scientists worldwide. To browse the complete Tocris epigenetics product range, please view our Epigenetics research page.

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