NMDA Receptor - Glycine Site Tocriset™

Cat. No. 1823

Contents of Tocriset:
Product Name / Activity
endogenous potentiator
02377-Chlorokynurenic acid
glycine site NMDA antagonist
partial agonist
glycine site NMDA antagonist
1493CGP 78608 hydrochloride
glycine site NMDA antagonist

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Biological Activity

Contains the listed products as lyophilised solids which bind to the strychnine-insensitive glycine site on NMDA receptors.

Technical Data

Tocrisets contain 3-5 ligands supplied as lyophilized solids or pre-dissolved in DMSO at a specified concentration. Lyophilized solids have been freeze-dried (approximately 0.5-2 mg per vial) so that addition of 0.5 or 1 ml of solvent produces a stock concentration of 10 or 5 mM respectively.

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