NKH 477

Cat. No. 1603

NKH 477 C27H43NO8.HCl [138605-00-2]

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Alternative Names: Colforsin dapropate hydrochloride, 6-(3-dimethylaminopropionyl)forskolin hydrochloride

Chemical Name: N,N-Dimethyl-(3R,4aR,5S,6aS,10S,10aR,10bS)-5-(acetyloxy)-3-ethenyldodecahydro-10,10b-dihydroxy-3,4a,7,7,10a-pentamethyl-1-oxo-1H-naphtho[2,1-b]pyran-6-yl ester β-alanine hydrochloride

Biological Activity

Water-soluble analog of forskolin (Cat. No. 1099) that is a potent activator of adenylyl cyclase; shows some selectivity for cardiac (type V) adenylyl cyclase. Stimulates bronchodilation (EC50 = 32.6 nM) and is an orally active potent positive chronotrope and hypotensive agent in vivo. Also available as part of the PKA Tocriset™.

Technical Data

Soluble to 40 mM in water
>98 %
Desiccate at +4°C

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Certificate of Analysis / Product Datasheet
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References are publications that support the products' biological activity.

Satake et al (1998) Relaxant effects of NKH477, a new water-soluble forskolin derivative, on guinea-pig tracheal smooth muscle: the role of Ca2+-activated K+ channels. Br.J.Pharmacol. 123 753. PMID: 9517396.

Toya et al (1998) Forskolin derivatives with increased selectivity for cardiac adenylyl cyclase. J.Mol.Cell.Cardiol. 30 97. PMID: 9500868.

Hosono et al (1992) Cardiovascular and adenylate cyclase stimulant properties of NKH477, a novel water-soluble forskolin derivative. J.Cardiovasc.Pharmacol. 19 625. PMID: 1380607.

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Citations are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for NKH 477 include:

Muschter et al (2015) Sympathetic Neurotransmitters Modulate Osteoclastogenesis and Osteoclast Activity in the Context of Collagen-Induced Arthritis. PLoS One 10 e0139726. PMID: 26431344.

Brosnahan et al (2013) Norepinephrine potentiates proinflammatory responses of human vaginal epithelial cells. Cell Mol Neurobiol 259 42583. PMID: 23571017.

Lee et al (2012) The calcium-sensing receptor regulates the NLRP3 inflammasome through Ca2+ and cAMP. Nature 492 123. PMID: 23143333.

Xia et al (2011) Inhibition of morphine-induced cAMP overshoot: a cell-based assay model in a high-throughput format. PLoS One 31 901. PMID: 21598037.

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