Stoppin 2

Discontinued product

Unfortunately Stoppin 2 (Cat. No. 4851) was withdrawn from sale in Feb. 2015 for commercial reasons.

To view previous batch information for Stoppin 2 (Cat. No. 4851) please follow the links below:

Certificate of Analysis / Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis: View current batch
Safety Data Sheet: View Safety Data Sheet

Keywords: Stoppin-2 p53-MDM2 interaction inhibitors inhibits antitumor antitumour MDM2 MDMX p53-MDMX Ligases Transcription Factors

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Programmed Cell Death

Written by Bram van Raam and Guy Salvesen

Programmed Cell Death Life Science Poster

Our Programmed Cell Death poster gives a summary of the signaling pathways involved in apoptosis, necroptosis and cell survival. Request copy or view PDF today.

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The p53 Tumor Suppressor Response

Written by Christopher J. Brown et al

p53 Life Science Poster

A summary of the main strategies for the reactivation of p53, including small molecules and peptides, which act to stabilize p53 to rescue wild-type activity. Request copy today.

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