G Proteins (Small)

Small G proteins (small GTPases) are homologous to Gα proteins and are often referred to as the Ras proto-oncogene superfamily. Small GTPases regulate a wide variety of processes in the cell, including growth, differentiation, movement and lipid vesicle transport.

Gene Data


Cat No Product Name / Activity
5050 CASIN
Cdc42 GTPase inhibitor
5233 CCG 1423
Rho/SRF pathway inhibitor
4793 CE3F4
Noncompetitive Epac1 inhibitor
6025 (S)-Crizotinib
Potent MTH1 inhibitor
6248 EHop 016
Rac inhibitor
3872 EHT 1864
Potent inhibitor of Rac family GTPases
6407 Fendiline Hydrochloride
K-Ras inhibitor; inhibits K-Ras localization to the plasma membrane
5607 GNF 7
Ras signaling inhibitor; inhibits Ack1 and GCK
3584 Golgicide A
Potent, specific and reversible inhibitor of GBF1 ArfGEF
4844 HJC 0350
Selective Epac2 inhibitor
3792 ITX 3
Selective inhibitor of TrioN RhoGEF activity
4266 ML 141
Selective inhibitor of Cdc42 Rho family GTPase
5986 NAV 2729
Selective ARF6 inhibitor
2161 NSC 23766
Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction; antioncogenic
3324 QS 11
ARFGAP1 inhibitor; modulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling
2222 Rac1 Inhibitor F56, control peptide
Control peptide version of Rac1 Inhibitor W56 (Cat. No. 2221)
2221 Rac1 Inhibitor W56
Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction
5411 RBC8
RalA and RalB GTPase inhibitor
5003 Rhosin hydrochloride
Rho GTPase inhibitor
4989 Salirasib
Ras inhibitor; also induces autophagy
5280 SCH 51344
Potent MTH1 inhibitor
2849 SecinH3
Sec7-specific GEF inhibitor (cytohesins)
3101 XRP44X
Ras-Net pathway inhibitor
4794 ZCL 278
Cdc42 inhibitor
6111 Zoledronic Acid
Ras signaling inhibitor; also potent farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) synthase inhibitor


Cat No Product Name / Activity
1089 8-Bromo-cGMP, sodium salt
cGMP analog; activates PKG
1645 8-CPT-2Me-cAMP, sodium salt
Selective Epac activator
3715 Narciclasine
Antiproliferative agent; stimulates RhoA activation
4853 8-pCPT-2-O-Me-cAMP-AM
Selective Epac activator; cell-permeable analog of 8CPT-2Me-cAMP (Cat. No. 1645)


Cat No Product Name / Activity
4568 CPYPP
DOCK2-Rac1 interaction inhibitor
5424 Deltarasin
High affinity PDEδ-KRAS interaction inhibitor
5475 Kobe 0065
H-Ras-cRaf1 interaction inhibitor; inhibits Raf signaling
6382 MAIT 203
APC-Asef interaction inhibitor

Small G proteins (small GTPases) are homologous to Gα proteins and are often referred to as the Ras proto-oncogene superfamily. The Ras superfamily contains over 100 small GTPases grouped into eight families; Ras, Rho, Rab, Rap, Arf, Ran, Rheb and Rad. Small GTPases regulate a wide variety of processes in the cell, including growth, differentiation, movement and lipid vesicle transport.

Like Gα proteins, small GTPases alternate between an 'on' state (bound to GTP) and an 'off' state (bound to GDP). This cyclic process requires guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) and GTPase-activating protein (GAP). Small GTPases are the downstream effectors of most receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and are linked via two proteins, GRB2 and SOS. They are coupled to intracellular signaling cascades including the MAPK pathway, through interactions with Raf kinase. Normally, activation of small GTPases is induced by ligand binding to a RTK. In many transformed cells activating mutations of GTPases, often Ras, produce a cellular response in the absence of a ligand, thus promoting malignant progression.

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Small G Protein Gene Data

Gene Species Gene Symbol Gene Accession No. Protein Accession No.
H-Ras Human HRAS NM_176795 P01112
Mouse Hras1 NM_001130444 Q61411
Rat Hras NM_001098241 P20171
K-Ras Human KRAS NM_033360 P01116
Mouse Kras NM_021284 P32883
Rat Kras NM_031515 P08644
N-Ras Human NRAS NM_002524 P01111
Mouse Nras NM_010937 P08556
Rat Nras NM_080766 Q04970
RhoA Human RHOA NM_001664 P61586
Mouse Rhoa NM_016802 Q9QUI0
Rat Rhoa NM_057132 P61589
RhoB Human RHOB NM_004040 P62745
Mouse Rhob NM_007483 P62746
Rat Rhob NM_022542 P62747
RhoC Human RHOC NM_175744 P08134
Mouse Rhoc NM_007484 Q62159
Rat Rhoc NM_001106461 XP_215659
RhoD Human RHOD NM_014578 O00212
Mouse Rhod NM_007485 P97348
Rat Rhod NM_001106323 XP_215193
RhoE Human RND3 NM_005168 P61587
Mouse Rnd3 NM_028810 P61588
Rat Rnd3 NM_001007641 Q6SA80
RhoG Human RHOG NM_001665 P84095
Mouse Rhog NM_019566 P84096
Rat Rhog NM_001037195 Q32PX6
RhoH Human RHOH NM_004310 Q15669
Mouse Rhoh NM_001081105 Q9D3G9
Rat Rhoh NM_001013430 Q5BJZ5
RhoJ Human RHOJ NM_020663 Q9H4E5
Mouse Rhoj NM_023275 Q9ER71
Rat Rhoj NM_001008320 Q5RJS2
RhoQ Human RHOQ NM_012249 P17081
Mouse Rhoq NM_145491 Q8R527
Rat Rhoq NM_053522 Q9JJL4
RhoV Human RHOV NM_133639 Q96L33
Mouse Rhov NM_145530 Q8VDU1
Rat Rhov NM_138542 Q9Z1Y0
RhoU Human RHOU NM_021205 Q7L0Q8
Mouse Rhou NM_133955 Q9EQT3
Rnd1 Human RND1 NM_014470 Q92730
Mouse Rnd1 NM_172612 Q8BLR7
Rat Rnd1 NM_001013222 Q5FVG9
Rnd2 Human RND2 NM_005440 P52198
Mouse Rnd2 NM_009708 Q9QYM5
Rat Rnd2 NM_001010953 Q5HZE6
Rac1 Human RAC1 NM_018890 P63000
Mouse Rac1 NM_009007 P63001
Rat Rac1 NM_134366 Q6RUV5
Rac2 Human RAC2 NM_002872 P15153
Mouse Rac2 NM_009008 Q05144
Rat Rac2 NM_001008384 Q5U1Y2
Rac3 Human RAC3 NM_005052 P60763
Mouse Rac3 NM_133223 P60764
Cdc42 Human Cdc42 NM_001791 P60953
Mouse Cdc42 NM_009861 P60766
Rat Cdc42 NM_171994 Q8CFN2
RhoBTB1 Human RHOBTB1 NM_014836 O94844
Mouse Rhobtb1 NM_001081347 Q9DAK3
Rat Rhobtb1 NM_001107622 XP_228131
RhoBTB2 Human RHOBTB2 NM_015178 Q9BYZ6
Mouse Rhobtb2 NM_153514 Q91V93
Rat Rhobtb2 NM_001013133 Q5BJV7
RhoBTB3 Human RHOBTB3 NM_014899 O94955
Mouse Rhobtb3 NM_028493 Q9CTN4
Rat Rhobtb3 NM_001107645 XP_226604
Rab 1A Human RAB1A NM_004161 P62820
Mouse Rab1 NM_008996 P62821
Rat Rab1 NM_031090 Q7TPK7
Rab 1B Human RAB1B NM_030981 Q9H0U4
Mouse Rab1b NM_029576 Q9D1G1
Rat Rab1b NM_001109979 P10536
Rab 2A Human RAB2A NM_002865 P61019
Mouse Rab2a NM_021518 P53994
Rat Rab2a NM_031718 P05712
Rab 2B Human RAB2B NM_032846 Q8WUD1
Mouse Rab2b NM_172601 P59279
Rat Rab2b NM_001037645 Q562A5
Rab 3A Human RAB3A NM_002866 P20336
Mouse Rab3a NM_009001 P63011
Rat Rab3a NM_013018 P63012
Rab 3B Human RAB3B NM_002867 P20337
Mouse Rab3b NM_023537 Q9CZT8
Rat Rab3b NM_031091 Q63941
Rab 3C Human RAB3C NM_138453 Q96E17
Mouse Rab3c NM_023852 P62823
Rat Rab3c NM_133536 P62824
Rab 3D Human RAB3D NM_004283 O95716
Mouse Rab3d NM_031874 P35276
Rat Rab3d NM_080580 Q63942
Rab 4A Human RAB4A NM_004578 P20338
Mouse Rab4a NM_009003 P56371
Rat Rab4a NM_013019 P05714
Rab 4B Human RAB4B NM_016154 P61018
Mouse Rab4b NM_029391 Q91ZR1
Rat Rab4b NM_017355 P51146
Rab 5A Human RAB5A NM_004162 P20339
Mouse Rab5a NM_025887 Q9CQD1
Rat Rab5a NM_022692 Q6IN17
Rab 5B Human RAB5B NM_002868 P61020
Mouse Rab5b NM_177411 P61021
Rat Rab5b NM_001079936 XP_213824
Rab 5C Human RAB5C NM_004583 P51148
Mouse Rab5c NM_024456 P35278
Rat Rab5c NM_001105840 XP_213463
Rab 6A Human RAB6A NM_002869 P20340
Mouse Rab6a NM_024287 P35279
Rat Rab6a XM_001067160 Q9WVB1
Rab 6B Human RAB6B NM_016577 Q9NRW1
Mouse Rab6b NM_173781 P61294
Rat Rab6b NM_001108775 XP_343460
Rab 6C Human RAB6C NM_032144 Q9H0N0
Rab 7A Human RAB7A NM_004637 P51149
Mouse Rab7 NM_009005 P51150
Rat Rab7a NM_023950 P09527
Rab 7B Human RAB7B NM_177403 Q96AH8
Rab 8A Human RAB8A NM_005370 P61006
Mouse Rab8a NM_023126 P55258
Rat Rab8a NM_053998 P35280
Rab 8B Human RAB8B NM_016530 Q92930
Mouse Rab8b NM_173413 P61028
Rat Rab8b NM_153317 P70550
Rab 9A Human RAB9A NM_004251 P51151
Mouse Rab9 NM_019773 Q9R0M6
Rat Rab9a NM_053458 Q99P75
Rab 9B Human RAB9B NM_016370 Q9NP90
Mouse Rab9b NM_176971 Q8BHH2
Rat Rab9b NM_001109018 XP_346352
Rab 10 Human RAB10 NM_016131 P61026
Mouse Rab10 NM_016676 P61027
Rat Rab10 NM_017359 P35281
Rab 11A Human RAB11A NM_004663 P62491
Mouse Rab11a NM_017382 P62492
Rat Rab11a NM_031152 P62494
Rab 11B Human RAB11B NM_004218 Q15907
Mouse Rab11b NM_008997 P46638
Rat Rab11b NM_032617 O35509
Rab 12 Human RAB12 XM_113967 Q6IQ22
Mouse Rab12 NM_024448 P35283
Rat Rab12 NM_013017 P35284
Rab 13 Human RAB13 NM_002870 P51153
Mouse Rab13 NM_026677 Q9DD03
Rat Rab13 NM_031092 P35286
Rab 14 Human RAB14 NM_016322 P61106
Mouse Rab14 NM_026697 Q91V41
Rat Rab14 NM_053589 P61107
Rab 15 Human RAB15 NM_198686 P59190
Mouse Rab15 NM_134050 Q8K386
Rat Rab15 NM_198749 P35289
Rab 17 Human RAB17 NM_022449 Q9H0T7
Mouse Rab17 NM_008998 P35292
Rat Rab17 NM_001109363 XP_578804
Rab 18 Human RAB18 NM_021252 Q9NP72
Mouse Rab18 NM_181070 P35293
Rat Rab18 NM_001012468 Q5EB77
Rab 19 Human RAB19 NM_001008749 A4D1S5
Mouse Rab19 NM_011226 P35294
Rat Rab19 NM_001024326 Q5M7U5
Rab 20 Human RAB20 NM_017817 Q9NX57
Mouse Rab20 NM_011227 P35295
Rat Rab20 NM_001109535 XP_001070580
Rab 21 Human RAB21 NM_014999 Q9UL25
Mouse Rab21 NM_024454 P35282
Rat Rab21 NM_001004238 Q6AXT5
Rab 22A Human RAB22A NM_020673 Q9UL26
Mouse Rab22a NM_024436 P35285
Rat Rab22a NM_001108966 XP_345480
Rab 23 Human RAB23 NM_183227 Q9ULC3
Mouse Rab23 NM_008999 P35288
Rat Rab23 NM_001109005 XP_346034
Rab 24 Human RAB24 NM_130781 Q969Q5
Mouse Rab24 NM_009000 P35290
Rat Rab24 NM_001015023 Q5BK70
Rab 25 Human RAB25 NM_020387 P57735
Mouse Rab25 NM_016899 Q9WTL2
Rat Rab25 NM_001107687 XP_227404
Rab 26 Human RAB26 NM_014353 Q9ULW5
Mouse Rab26 AK043912 Q504M8
Rat Rab26 NM_133580 P51156
Rab 27A Human RAB27A NM_004580 P51159
Mouse Rab27a NM_023635 Q9ERI2
Rat Rab27a NM_017317 P23640
Rab 27B Human RAB27B NM_004163 O00194
Mouse Rab27b NM_030554 Q99P58
Rat Rab27b NM_053459 Q99P74
Rab 28 Human RAB28 NM_004249 P51157
Mouse Rab28 NM_027295 Q99KL7
Rat Rab28 NM_053978 Q6IN03
Rab 30 Human RAB30 NM_014488 Q15771
Mouse Rab30 NM_029494 Q923S9
Rat Rab30 NM_001015012 Q5BK72
Rab 31 Human RAB31 NM_006868 Q13636
Mouse Rab31 NM_133685 Q921E2
Rat Rab31 NM_145094 Q6GQP4
Rab 32 Human RAB32 NM_006834 Q13637
Mouse Rab32 NM_026405 Q9CZE3
Rat Rab32 NM_001108902 XP_344795
Rab 33A Human RAB33A NM_004794 Q14088
Mouse Rab33a NM_011228 P97950
Rat Rab33a NM_001108257 XP_229145
Rab 33B Human RAB33B NM_031296 Q9H082
Mouse Rab33b NM_016858 O35963
Rat Rab33b NM_001108944 XP_345209
Rab 34 Human RAB34 NM_031934 Q9BZG1
Mouse Rab34 NM_033475 Q64008
Rat Rab34 NM_001012140 Q5U1Y1
Rab 35 Human RAB35 NM_006861 Q15286
Mouse Rab35 NM_198163 Q6PHN9
Rat Rab35 NM_001013046 Q5U316
Rab 36 Human RAB36 NM_004914 O95755
Mouse Rab36 NM_029781 Q8CAM5
Rat Rab36 NM_001109589 XP_001073408
Rab 37 Human RAB37 NM_175738 Q96AX2
Mouse Rab37 NM_021411 Q9JKM7
Rat Rab37 XM_343983 XP_343984
Rab 38 Human RAB38 NM_022337 P57729
Mouse Rab38 NM_028238 Q8QZZ8
Rat Rab38 NM_145774 Q6TAS0
Rab 39 Human RAB39 NM_017516 Q14964
Mouse Rab39 NM_175562 Q8BHD0
Rat Rab39 NM_001108148 XP_236242
Rab 39B Human RAB39B NM_171998 Q96DA2
Mouse Rab39b NM_175122 Q8BHC1
Rab 40A Human RAB40A NM_080879 Q8WXH6
Rab 40B Human RAB40B NM_006822 Q12829
Mouse Rab40b NM_139147 Q8VHP8
Rat Rab40b NM_001107076 XP_221213
Rab 40C Human RAB40C NM_021168 Q96S21
Mouse Rab40c NM_139154 Q8VHQ4
Rat Rab40c NM_182675 Q6Y2E6
Rab 41 Human RAB41 XM_293398 Q5JT25
Rab 42 Human RAB42 NM_152304 Q8N4Z0
Rab 43 Human RAB43 XM_290714 Q86YS6
Mouse Rab43 NM_001039394 Q8CG50
Rat Rab43 NM_001024331 Q53B90
Rap 1A Human RAP1A NM_002884 P62834
Mouse Rap1a NM_145541 P62835
Rat Rap1a NM_001005765 O08813
Rap 1B Human RAP1B NM_001010942 P61224
Mouse Rap1b NM_024457 Q99JI6
Rat Rap1b NM_134346 O08814
Rap 2A Human RAP2A NM_021033 P10114
Mouse Rap2a NM_029519 Q80ZJ1
Rat Rap2a NM_053741 Q78P65
Rap 2B Human RAB2B NM_002886 P61225
Mouse Rap2b NM_028712 P61226
Rat Rap2b NM_133410 P61227
Rap 2C Human RAP2C NM_021183 Q9Y3L5
Mouse Rap2c NM_172413 Q8BU31
Arf 1 Human AGAP1 NM_014914 Q9UPQ3
Mouse Agap1 NM_178119 Q8BXK8
Rat Centg2 NM_001108230 XP_237381
Arf 2 Human AGAP2 NM_014770 Q99490
Mouse Agap2 NM_001033263 Q3UHD9
Rat Agap2 XM_576238 Q8CGU4
Arf 3 Human AGAP3 NM_031946 Q96P47
Mouse Agap3 NM_139153 Q8VHH5
Rat Agap3 NM_001108616 XP_342613
Arf 4 Human AGAP4 NM_133446 Q96P64
Arf 5 Human AGAP5 XM_001132585 A6NIR3
Arf 6 Human AGAP6 NM_001077665 Q5VW22
Arf 7 Human AGAP7 NM_001077685 Q5VUJ5
Arf 8 Human AGAP8 NM_001077686 Q5SRD3
Arf 9 Human AGAP9 XM_058363 Q5VTM2
Arf 10 Human AGAP10 XM_001714786 Q5T2P9
Ran Human RANGAP1 NM_002883 P46060
Mouse Rangap1 NM_011241 P46061
Rat Rangap1 NM_001012199 Q66H32
Rheb Human RHEB NM_005614 Q15382
Mouse Rheb NM_053075 Q921J2
Rat Rheb NM_013216 Q62639