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Product Name / Activity
5500Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I

Protease inhibitor cocktail for mammalian cells

55015-Fluoroorotic acid

Selection reagent for OMP decarboxylase mutants

5502Blasticidin S HCl

Antibiotic; selection reagent for bis, bsr and BSD transformed cells

5503Ampicillin sodium salt

Antibiotic; selection reagent


Naturally occurring monosaccharide

5505Kanamycin sulfate

Broad spectrum antibiotic

5506Vancomycin HCl


5507Carbenicillin disodium salt

Antibiotic; selection reagent for AMPR transformed cells


Widely used buffering agent


Used in cloning procedures with X-GAL


Used in cloning procedures with IPTG

5512BIX NHE1 inhibitor

Potent and selective NHE1 inhibitor


Endogenous agonist for retinoic acid receptors; inducer of neuronal differentiation

55145-Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride

Substrate for detection of δ-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase

5515NADPH reduced form tetrasodium salt

Cofactor for many anabolic enzymes

5517AMG PERK 44

Potent and selective PERK inhibitor; orally bioavailable

5518UMB 68

GHB receptor ligand


κ-agonist; antinociceptive


Highly potent and selective HIF-1α inhibitor

5521CIM 0216

Selective TRPM3 agonist


STAT3 inhibitor; also blocks cancer stem cell self-renewal

5524Rp-8-pCPT-cGMPS sodium

PKG inhibitor

5525Fenretinide - d4

Deuterated fenretinide (Cat. No. 1396)

5526Fluoxetine - d5 hydrochloride

Deuterated fluoxetine (Cat. No. 0927)

5527Tomoxetine - d3 hydrochloride

Deuterated tomoxetine (Cat. No. 2011)

5528β-Estradiol - d3

Deuterated β-estradiol (Cat. No. 2824)

5529Levetiracetam - d6

Deuterated levetiracetam (Cat. No. 2839)

5530Clozapine - d8

Deuterated clozapine (Cat. No. 0444)

5531Memantine - d6 hydrochloride

Deuterated memantine (Cat. No. 0773)

5532Allopregnanolone - d5

Deuterated allopregnanolone (Cat. No. 3653)

5533Metformin - d6 hydrochloride

Deuterated metformin (Cat. No. 2864)

5534Citalopram - d4 hydrobromide

Deuterated citalopram (Cat. No. 1427)

5535Flupirtine - d4 hydrochloride

Deuterated flupirtine (Cat. No. 2867)

5536Simvastatin - d6

Deuterated simvastatin (Cat. No. 1965)

5537Tetrabenazine - d7

Deuterated tetrabenazine (Cat. No. 2175)

5538Risperidone - d4

Deuterated risperidone (Cat. No. 2865)

5539Miglustat - d9 hydrochloride

Deuterated miglustat (Cat. No. 3117)

5540Acamprosate - d6 calcium

Deuterated acamprosate (Cat. No. 3618)

5541Topiramate - d12

Deuterated topiramate (Cat. No. 3620)

5542Olanzapine - d8

Deuterated olanzapine (Cat. No. 4349)

5543Ropinirole - d7

Deuterated ropinirole (Cat. No. 3680)

5544Donepezil - d5 hydrochloride

Deuterated donepezil (Cat. No. 4385)

5545BX 430

Selective P2X4 allosteric antagonist

5546NI 57

Potent and selective BRPF bromodomain inhibitor


TRPML channel activator

5548DREADD agonist 21

Potent hM3Dq DREADD agonist


Potent and selective hM3Dq DREADD agonist

5552Liothyronine sodium

Thyroid hormone (T3) analog; also promotes adipogenic differentiation of MSCs

5553Sephin 1

Inhibitor of the regulatory subunit PPP1R15A of protein phosphatase 1

5554IHR 1

Potent Smo antagonist


Selective α4β2 nAChR partial agonist

5559SSR 180711 hydrochloride

Partial agonist at α7 nAChR

5560Obestatin (human)

Endogenous reported anorexigenic peptide


Potent fluorescent Smo antagonist

5562Mps BAY 2a

Potent and selective Mps1 kinase inhibitor

5563VTP 27999 trifluoroacetate

Highly potent and selective renin inhibitor

5564PBS, 100 Tablets

PBS Tablets


Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) inhibitor

5566DG 172 dihydrochloride

Potent PPARβ/δ inverse agonist; promotes BMC differentiation

5567EPZ 004777

Highly potent DOT1L inhibitor

5568S 18886

Potent thromboxane A2 (TP) antagonist

5570STOCK2S 26016

Lysine deficient protein kinase (WNK) signaling inhibitor

5571Lei-Dab 7

High affinity, selective KCa2.2 blocker

5573Chlorphentermine hydrochloride

Serotonin transporter substrate; appetite suppressant

5575IQ 1S

JNK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory; also NO donor

5576PFI 4

Potent and selective BRPF1 bromodomain inhibitor


High affinity and selective CA IX and CA XII inhibitor


Potent and selective breast tumor kinase (Brk) inhibitor


Type I BMP receptor inhibitor


Selective HIF-1 dimerization inhibitor

5583Quin C1

Potent and selective FPR2 agonist


High affinity D2 and 5-HT1A receptor partial agonist; also 5-HT2A antagonist


Potent and selective cathepsin K inhibitor

5586Yoda 1

Piezo1 channel activator

5588UF 010

Class I HDAC inhibitor

5589WAY 181187 oxalate

High affinity and selective 5-HT6 agonist

5590BI 9564

Potent and selective BRD9 and BRD7 inhibitor; orally active


Potent and selective BRD9 inhibitor

5592LCB 03-0110 dihydrochloride

Potent c-SRC kinase inhibitor; also inhibits DDR2, BTK and Syk


Potent K2P2.1 (TREK-1) channel blocker


Potent and selective PI 3-kinase p110α inhibitor

5599ML 18

BRS-3 antagonist; also GRPR agonist

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