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Product Name / Activity

Thioredoxin reductase inhibitor; induces MPT

4601TUG 891

Potent and selective FFA4 (GPR120) agonist

4602LDN 27219

Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) inhibitor; reversible

4603LUF 5834

Potent adenosine A2A and A2B receptor partial agonist


Potent MMP-3 expression inhibitor; neuroprotective

4605(±)-SLV 319

Potent and selective CB1 receptor antagonist

4606CYM 9484

Potent NPY Y2 receptor antagonist

4607LM 22A4

Potent TrkB agonist

4608BIIB 021

Selective Hsp90 inhibitor

4609BMS 303141

ATP citrate lyase inhibitor; orally bioavailable

4611PBP 10

Selective FPR2 antagonist; cell permeable

4612URB 597

Potent and selective FAAH inhibitor

4613Tegaserod maleate

5-HT4 partial agonist

4615MEDICA 16

FFA1 (GPR40) agonist; also inhibits ATP citrate lyase


Potent AT1 antagonist; metabolite of Olmesartan medoxomil (Cat. No. 4620)

4617Penitrem A

Potent and selective BKCa (KCa1.1) channel blocker

4618GW 6471

PPARα antagonist


DNA alkylating agent; cytotoxic and antineoplastic

4620Olmesartan medoxomil

Selective non-peptide AT1 antagonist; prodrug of Olmesartan

4621MKT 077

Binds mot-2; selectively cytotoxic in cancer cells

4622MK 1903

Potent and selective GPR109A (HCA2) agonist

4624TC-FPR 43

Potent FPR2 agonist

4625TC OT 39

Potent non-peptide oxytocin receptor partial agonist; also V1a receptor antagonist


Inhibits NFκB; blocks androgen receptor (AR) expression


Na+-glucose cotransporter (SGLT) inhibitor


Selective aryl hydrocarbon receptor modulator (SAhRM)


Potent, selective LRRK2 inhibitor; brain penetrant

4630SB 747651A dihydrochloride

Potent MSK1 inhibitor; also inhibits other AGC group kinases

4632TC-I 2000

TRPM8 blocker


TLR1/2 agonist; induces cytokine production

4635SC 79

Akt activator

4636Pam3CSK4 Biotin

Biotinylated Pam3CSK4 (Cat. No. 4633)


TLR2/6 agonist; induces TNF-α production

4638Pam2CSK4 Biotin

Biotinylated Pam2CSK4 (Cat. No. 4637)

4639TT 232

sst1/sst4 somatostatin receptor agonist


Sphingosine kinase inhibitor

4641BI 6015

Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α (HNF4α) antagonist


FFA2 agonist; also exhibits positive allosteric modulatory activity

4643PCI 34051

Potent and selective HDAC8 inhibitor

4644CID 2011756

Pan protein kinase D (PKD) inhibitor; cell permeable

4645Z-VRPR-FMK trifluoroacetate salt

Irreversible MALT1 inhibitor

4646Elacridar hydrochloride

P-gp inhibitor

4650I-BET 151 dihydrochloride

BET bromodomain inhibitor; also promotes differentiation of hiPSCs into megakaryocytes

4651JW 67

Wnt pathway inhibitor; induces degradation of active β-catenin


Class I and II HDAC inhibitor

4653ML 171

Selective NADPH oxidase 1 (NOX1) inhibitor

4655NSC 74859

Selective STAT3 inhibitor


Stimulated by IFN-γ; marker of immune activation


Potent 5-HT1B/1D/1F agonist


Inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase; anticancer agent

4660KB SRC 4

Potent and selective c-Src inhibitor

4662SMANT hydrochloride

Inhibits Smoothened (Smo) accumulation


NADPH-oxidase inhibitor


Potent and selective α1β1 inhibitor

4665ProTx I

CaV3.1 channel blocker; also inhibits NaV1.8 and KV2.1

4666UNC 1215

Potent inhibitor of L3MBTL3 Kme reader domain; cell permeable

4667SB 706375

High affinity, non-peptide UT receptor antagonist

4668GW 627368

Selective EP4 receptor competitive antagonist

4669GW 438014A

NPY Y5 receptor antagonist

4670SB 611812

Urotensin-II (UT) antagonist; attenuates cardiac dysfunction

4672SB 223412

Potent, selective non-peptide NK3 antagonist. Brain penetrant

4673SB 674042

Potent and selective non-peptide OX1 antagonist

4674CZC 24832

Selective inhibitor of PI 3-kinase γ

4675CCT 031374 hydrobromide

Inhibits TCF-dependent transcription; lowers β-catenin levels

4676ARRY 520 trifluoroacetate

Potent and selective kinesin spindle protein (KSP) inhibitor; induces Mcl-1 degradation

4677CYM 50260

Potent and selective S1P4 agonist

4678CYM 50308

Potent and selective S1P4 agonist

4679CYM 50358 hydrochloride

Potent and selective S1P4 antagonist

4683RFRP 3 (human)

NPFF1 agonist; GnIH homolog


Selective KDM2/7 inhibitor

4685KL 001

Cryptochrome protein stabilizer; lengthens circadian period


p97 ATPase (VCP) inhibitor

4688GSK J2

Inactive isomer of GSK J1 (Cat. No. 4593)

4689GSK J5

Inactive isomer of GSK J4 (Cat. No. 4594); cell permeable

4691NAV 26

Selective Nav1.7 channel blocker

4694Ro 5-3335

Core binding factor inhibitor; attenuates hematopoiesis

4695Ischemin sodium salt

CBP inhibitor; cell permeable

4696Eprosartan mesylate

Potent and selective AT1 receptor antagonist

4697A 331440 dihydrochloride

Selective H3 antagonist

4699SEN 1269

Amyloid-β aggregation inhibitor

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