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Product Name / Activity
3900TCS 2314

α4β1 (VLA-4) antagonist

3903Neuropeptide Y (scrambled)

Control peptide for neuropeptide Y (Cat. No. 1173)

3904WAY 208466 dihydrochloride

Selective 5-HT6 agonist

3905NAADP tetrasodium salt

Ca2+ mobilizing agent

3906Betulinic acid

Antitumor and anti-HIV agent; activates NF-κB. Also TGR5 agonist


LXR agonist; also ER partial agonist

3908Ibutilide hemifumarate

Blocks IKr, hERG and L-type Ca2+ channels; class III antiarrhythmic


Potent PDGFR and VEGFR inhibitor

3910BIO 1211

Selective α4β1 (VLA-4) inhibitor

3911S 18986

Positive allosteric modulator of AMPA

3912HX 531

Potent RXR antagonist

3913HX 630

RXR synergist

3914A 419259 trihydrochloride

Inhibitor of Src family kinases

3915VX 745

Potent and selective p38α inhibitor

3916VX 702

Orally active p38α and p38β inhibitor


Antibiotic; inhibits protein, DNA and RNA synthesis in gram-positive bacteria


Potent inhibitor of multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE) transporters; also DHFR and STAT3 inhibitor

3919SC 236

Selective cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor

3920AMG 548

Potent and selective p38α inhibitor

3921NIDA 41020

High affinity CB1 antagonist

3922Eeyarestatin I

Potent inhibitor of ER-associated protein degradation and translocation

3923PF 998425

Non-steroidal androgen receptor antagonist

3924OPC 21268

Orally active vasopressin V1 antagonist

3928XCT 790

Selective ERRα antagonist/inverse agonist

3929SJ 172550

MDMX inhibitor. Disrupts MDMX-p53 interaction

3930NFAT Inhibitor

Inhibitor of calcineurin-mediated NFAT activation

3931Ticlopidine hydrochloride

Selective P2Y12 antagonist

3932Orphanin FQ (1-11)

Potent NOP agonist; displays analgesic properties

3933WAY 267464 dihydrochloride

Potent non-peptide oxytocin receptor agonist

3934Benidipine hydrochloride

Calcium channel blocker

3935RWJ 52353

α2D agonist

3936CDP 840 hydrochloride

Potent and selective PDE4 inhibitor

3937ANR 94

Adenosine A2A antagonist

3938TCS 5861528

TRPA1 blocker

3939YM 58483

Inhibitor of SOCE in non-excitable cells

3940GSK 789472 hydrochloride

D3 antagonist. Also D2 partial agonist

3941TCS 1205

Subtype-selective GABAA receptor agonist

3942TCS 1105

GABAA α2 benzodiazepine receptor agonist

3943PG 01

CFTR potentiator; corrects F508del-CFTR conductance defect


Neuroprotective peptide; protects against β-amyloid neurotoxicity


Inhibitor of IP6K; also inhibits IP3K

3947exo-IWR 1

Negative control for endo-IWR 1 (Cat. No. 3532)


H1 antagonist. Also KV11.1 (hERG) and Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker

3949CBiPES hydrochloride

Positive allosteric modulator of mGlu2

3950CK 666

Arp2/3 inhibitor; inhibits actin polymerization

3951WZ 811

Potent CXCR2 antagonist

3953cis-Ned 19

NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release

3954trans-Ned 19

NAADP antagonist; inhibits Ca2+ release

3958Oxycodone hydrochloride

μ agonist

3959YIL 781

Ghrelin receptor (GHS-R1a) antagonist

3960NVP 231

Potent, selective and reversible CerK inhibitor

3961GSK 3787

Potent and selective PPARδ antagonist

3962kb NB 142-70

Selective PKD inhibitor; analog of CID 755673 (Cat. No. 3327)

3963AZM 475271

Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor

3964AR-R 17779 hydrochloride

α7-selective agonist


PPARα/γ agonist

3966AR-A 014418

Selective GSK-3 inhibitor

3967GPi 688

Allosteric glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor

3968AZD 5438

Potent cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) 1, 2 and 9 inhibitor

3969AR-C 102222

Selective iNOS inhibitor


Active metabolite of vitamin D2

3971Nalmefene - d3

Deuterated nalmefene; opioid receptor antagonist

3972AA 29504

Positive allosteric modulator of GABAA receptors

3973Latrunculin A

Inhibitor of actin assembly and polymerization

3974Latrunculin B

Inhibitor of actin polymerization


Estrogen receptor ligand; mycotoxin


Mycotoxin; potent protein synthesis inhibitor


Class III PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits autophagy

3978MEN 11270

Selective B2 antagonist; analog of HOE 140 (Cat. No. 3014)

3979Alexidine dihydrochloride

Selective inhibitor of PTPMT1

3982Mdivi 1

Dynamin inhibitor; attenuates mitochondrial division and apoptosis

3983PSB 0739

Highly potent P2Y12 receptor antagonist


MDM2 antagonist; inhibits MDM2-p53 interaction

3986SR 58611A hydrochloride

β3 agonist; displays anxiolytic and antidepressant effects

3988Hesperadin hydrochloride

Potent Aurora kinase B inhibitor

3989AMTB hydrochloride

TRPM8 blocker


Caged serotonin


Caged dopamine

3993EB 1089

Vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist

3994AZ 3146

Potent and selective Mps1 kinase inhibitor

3995GI 254023X

Selective ADAM10 metalloprotease inhibitor


5-HT2A/D2 antagonist; atypical antipsychotic


Receptor-selective retinoid; binds RAR-β and -γ

3998LDN 57444

Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-L1 (UCH-L1) inhibitor


Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)

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