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Product Name / Activity

Caged GABA; excitable by visible wavelength

3401Vinorelbine ditartrate

Selective mitotic microtubule antagonist


HDAC6 inhibitor; inhibits α-tubulin deacetylation

3404S 32826

Potent autotaxin inhibitor

3405COG 133

ApoE peptide fragment

3406GLYX 13

NMDA receptor partial agonist; acts at the glycine site

3407R 715

Potent and selective B1 antagonist

3409BMS 453

Synthetic retinoid and RARβ agonist; also RARα and RARγ antagonist

3410BMS 961

Selective RARγ agonist

3411SR 11237

Pan RXR agonist


Metabolite of tamoxifen (Cat. No. 0999)

3413YM 202074

High affinity, selective mGlu1 antagonist

3414FAK Inhibitor 14

Selective FAK inhibitor


Nitric oxide spin trap; measure oxygen-centered free radicals

3416Tris DBA

N-myristoyltransferase-1 inhibitor; antiproliferative

3417CP 99994 dihydrochloride

High affinity NK1 antagonist


Endogenous peptide agonist for amylin, calcitonin, CGRP and adrenomedullin receptors

3419AC 187

Potent and selective amylin receptor antagonist

3420SHU 9119

MC3 and MC4 antagonist; MC5 partial agonist


Bombesin receptor antagonist


Selective MC3 receptor agonist


Potent, non-selective galanin receptor antagonist

3426JKC 363

Potent and selective MC4 receptor antagonist

3427Oncrasin 1

Induces abnormal nuclear aggregation of PKCι; proapoptotic


Endogenous σ1 ligand. Also 5-HT2A agonist


Inhibitor of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF); suicide substrate

3430CFTRinh 172

Voltage-independent, selective CFTR chloride channel blocker

3432S 25585

Potent and selective NPY Y5 receptor antagonist

3433GSK 0660

Selective PPARδ antagonist


Potent MCH receptor agonist

3435Insulin (human) recombinant
expressed in yeast

Endogenous peptide agonist

3436[D-Trp34]-Neuropeptide Y

Potent NPY Y5 agonist; orexigenic

3438MCL 0020

Selective MC4 receptor antagonist

3439NH 125

CaM kinase III (eEF-2 kinase) inhibitor

3440SID 7969543

Selective steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1, NR5A1) inhibitor


Orally active, potent H1 antagonist. Also KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker.

3490UCPH 101

Selective non-substrate EAAT1 inhibitor

3491Prion Protein 106-126 (human)

Prion protein fragment

3492ACTH (1-39)

Potent endogenous MC2 agonist


Non-selective sst receptor antagonist


Purine analog; inhibits DNA synthesis

3496BX 471

Potent, selective CCR1 antagonist


PAR1 peptide fragment (residues 42-47); acts as a PAR1 agonist

3498RGDS peptide

Integrin binding sequence; inhibits integrin receptor function

3499ML 10302 hydrochloride

Potent and selective 5-HT4 partial agonist

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