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Product Name / Activity
1700BIIE 0246

Potent, selective non-peptide NPY Y2 receptor antagonist

1701A 77636 hydrochloride

Potent, selective D1-like agonist. Orally active


Potent, selective A1 agonist

1704Ionomycin calcium salt

Calcium ionophore


Potent, selective A1 agonist


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor; may be selective for COX-3


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor (following metabolism to sulindac sulfide)


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor (COX-1 > COX-2)

1709CL 218872

Benzodiazepine agonist

1710CV 1808

Non-selective adenosine A2 receptor agonist

1742R-96544 hydrochloride

Potent, selective 5-HT2A antagonist

1743Bay 11-7085

Irreversible inhibitor of TNF-α-induced IκBα phosphorylation

1744Bay 11-7821

E2 ubiquitin (Ub) conjugating enzymes inhibitor


Potent adenosine kinase inhibitor; also inhibits nucleoside transporters and a range of other kinases


Highly potent D2-like antagonist. Also 5-HT1A agonist

1747Isoproterenol hydrochloride

Standard selective β agonist

1748MG 132

Proteasome and calpain inhibitor. Inhibits NF-κB activation


Group I mGlu antagonist


Group I mGlu antagonist

1757ALX 5407 hydrochloride

Selective non-transportable GlyT1 inhibitor


Activator of caspase-3


Androgen receptor antagonist. Orally active


Selective inhibitor of myosin II ATPase activity


5- and 12-Lipoxygenase inhibitor


Hypolipidemic agent; agonist for the GPR109A (HM74A) and GPR109B receptors

1763BAM (8-22)

Selective agonist for the sensory neuron specific receptor (SNSR)

1764Hemopressin (rat)

Selective CB1 inverse agonist

1765UBP 282

AMPA/kainate antagonist; distinguishes between motoneuron and dorsal root kainate receptors

1766UBP 301

Kainate receptor antagonist

1767Zimelidine dihydrochloride

Selective 5-HT uptake inhibitor


Methionine aminopeptidase-2 inhibitor; antiangiogenic


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor


Anticancer and antiviral agent; chemopreventive and pro-apoptotic

1771S 14506 hydrochloride

Highly potent 5-HT1A agonist; displays unique binding mechanism

1772Urapidil hydrochloride

α1 antagonist. Also 5-HT1A receptor agonist

1774Dynamin inhibitory peptide

Dynamin inhibitor

1775Dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated

Cell-permeable dynamin inhibitor

1776Dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated (control)

Control peptide version of dynamin inhibitory peptide, myristoylated (Cat. No. 1775)


Potent MEK1 inhibitor. Also inhibits IκBα phosphorylation

1778Ro 106-9920

Inhibitor of NF-κB activation

1779NNC 711

Selective inhibitor of GAT-1

1780NNC 63-0532

Potent non-peptide NOP agonist; brain penetrant

1781ACPA (in Tocrisolve™ 100)

Potent, selective CB1 agonist (in water-soluble emulsion)

1782(R)-(+)-Methanandamide (in Tocrisolve™ 100)

Potent and selective CB1 agonist (in water-soluble emulsion)

1783JWH 133 (in Tocrisolve™ 100)

Potent, selective CB2 agonist (in water-soluble emulsion)

1784Spantide I

Selective NK1 antagonist

1785Bax inhibitor peptide V5

Inhibitor of Bax-mediated apoptosis

1787Bax inhibitor peptide, negative control

Negative control peptide for Bax inhibitor peptide V5 (Cat. No. 1785)

1788GRP (porcine)

Endogenous GRP receptor agonist

1789GRP (human)

Endogenous GRP receptor agonist

1790Pseudo RACK1

Protein kinase C activator peptide (attached to cell permeable vector)

1791PKC ζ pseudosubstrate

PKC ζ inhibitor peptide (attached to cell-permeable vector)

1792PKC β pseudosubstrate

Selective cell-permeable PKC inhibitor peptide (attached to vector)

1793AF 12198

Potent, selective human type I IL-1 receptor antagonist

1794Ro 26-4550 trifluoroacetate

Competitive inhibitor of IL-2/ IL-2Rα receptor interaction

1795Zacopride hydrochloride

Highly potent 5-HT3 receptor antagonist. Also 5-HT4 agonist


Potent inhibitor of anandamide uptake

1798Gabexate mesylate

Serine protease inhibitor; inhibits thrombin, trypsin, kallikrein and plasmin


Selective FPR2 and FPR3 receptor agonist

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