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5455W 54011

High affinity C5a receptor antagonist

14151400W dihydrochloride

Potent, highly selective iNOS inhibitor

0361W-13 hydrochloride

Calmodulin antagonist


Potent and selective S1P1 receptor antagonist

0368W-5 hydrochloride

Calmodulin antagonist

0369W-7 hydrochloride

Calmodulin antagonist. Inhibits myosin light chain kinase

0532W-84 dibromide

Stabilizer of cholinergic antagonist-receptor complexes

0370W-9 hydrochloride

Calmodulin antagonist

3179Water, sterile filtered

Sterile water

3933WAY 267464 dihydrochloride

Potent non-peptide oxytocin receptor agonist

1253(S)-WAY 100135 dihydrochloride

Potent, selective 5-HT1A antagonist

4380WAY 100635 maleate

Potent, 5-HT1A silent antagonist. Also D4 agonist

1801WAY 161503 hydrochloride

Potent, selective 5-HT2C agonist

2633WAY 170523

Potent and selective inhibitor of MMP-13

5589WAY 181187 oxalate

High affinity and selective 5-HT6 agonist

3366WAY 200070

Selective ERβ agonist

3890WAY 207024 dihydrochloride

GnRH receptor antagonist

3904WAY 208466 dihydrochloride

Selective 5-HT6 agonist

2652WAY 213613

Potent, non-substrate EAAT2 inhibitor

5951WAY 252623

Potent LXR agonist

4767WAY 316606 hydrochloride

Secreted Frizzled-related protein-1 (sFRP-1) inhibitor; increases Wnt signaling

2173WAY 629 hydrochloride

Selective 5-HT2C agonist

0946WB 4101 hydrochloride

α1A antagonist

5323WDR5 0103

WDR5 antagonist

2339WEB 2086

Potent PAF receptor antagonist


Potent and selective Lck and Src inhibitor; also inhibits SIK

3115WHI-P 154

JAK3 kinase inhibitor. Also inhibits EGFR


Potent tankyrase inhibitor

4736WIN 18446

ALDH1a2 inhibitor

1038WIN 55,212-2 mesylate

Highly potent cannabinoid receptor agonist

2327WIN 55,212-3 mesylate

CB2 antagonist/CB1 partial inverse agonist; enantiomer of WIN 55,212-2 (Cat. No. 1038)

1057WIN 64338 hydrochloride

Bradykinin B2 antagonist


N-WASP inhibitor; inhibits Arp2/3 activation

2816Withaferin A

Inhibits NF-κB activation


Selective FPR2 and FPR3 receptor agonist


FPR1, FPR2 and FPR3 receptor agonist


Highly potent PORCN inhibitor


Potent, irreversible inhibitor of PI 3-kinase. Also inhibitor of PLK1

3356WR 1065

p53 activator. Also ROS scavenger


Selective FPR2 antagonist

3040WS 12

TRPM8 agonist; cooling agent

2927WS 3

TRPM8 agonist; cooling agent

5259WWL 113

Ces3 and Ces1f inhibitor

5317WWL 123

α/β-hydrolase domain 6 (ABHD6) inhibitor; antiepileptic

3252WWL 70

Potent ABHD6 inhibitor

1312WY 14643

Selective PPARα agonist

4194WY 45233 succinate

Dual serotonin/noradrenalin re-uptake inhibitor

4282WYE 687 dihydrochloride

Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor

5177WZ 4003

Potent and selective NUAK1/2 inhibitor

3951WZ 811

Potent CXCR2 antagonist

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