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4964R 1485 dihydrochloride

Selective and high affinity 5-HT6 antagonist

4885R 1530

Multi-RTK inhibitor; inhibits angiogenesis

5288R 268712

Potent and selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI

3815R 568 hydrochloride

Positive allosteric modulator of the human calcium-sensing receptor

2194R 59-022

Diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor; increases PKC activity

5432R 7050

Inhibitor of TNF-α receptor 1 signaling

3407R 715

Potent and selective B1 antagonist

3226R 892

Potent and selective B1 antagonist


Inhibitor of 14.3.3 proteins


TRPV1 antagonist peptide


Pim-1 kinase inhibitor

1742R-96544 hydrochloride

Potent, selective 5-HT2A antagonist

5707RA 839

Nrf2 activator; inhibits Nrf2/Keap1 interaction

2222Rac1 Inhibitor F56, control peptide

Control peptide version of Rac1 Inhibitor W56 (Cat. No. 2221)

2221Rac1 Inhibitor W56

Selective inhibitor of Rac1-GEF interaction


Potent, selective D2/D3 antagonist

5252Ractopamine hydrochloride

Trace amine 1 (TA1) receptor agonist


Hsp90 inhibitor. Antifungal antibiotic

6015RAF 265

Raf kinase and VEGFR-2 inhibitor

6259RAGE antagonist peptide

Receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) antagonist

4029Ralfinamide mesylate

Na+ channel blocker

2280Raloxifene hydrochloride

Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)


Non-peptide, competitive angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor

1967Ranitidine hydrochloride

Selective H2 antagonist

3118Ranolazine dihydrochloride

Antianginal, activates pyruvate dehydrogenase


mTOR inhibitor; immunosuppressant

4308Rasagiline mesylate

Selective, irreversible MAO-B inhibitor

0891Rauwolscine hydrochloride

α2 antagonist


RalA and RalB GTPase inhibitor

3139RC 160

sst analog

1982Reboxetine mesylate

Potent, selective noradrenalin uptake inhibitor; orally active

3284Rec 15/2615 dihydrochloride

Selective α1B antagonist

1622Remacemide hydrochloride

NMDA antagonist; blocks ion channel and allosteric modulatory site


N-acetyltransferase 10 (NAT10) inhibitor

0916Remoxipride hydrochloride

Selective D2-like antagonist


Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker


Potent and selective inhibitor of TGF-βRI


Inhibitor of vesicular monoamine transport


Potent vanilloid receptor agonist


Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist


Cyclooxygenase inhibitor


Selective chymase substrate


KV7 channel activator

0695Retinoic acid

Endogenous retinoic acid receptor agonist

3214RETRA hydrochloride

Antitumor agent; suppresses mutant p53-bearing cancer cells


Reverse analog of Bradykinin


Selective MRP1 and P-gp inhibitor

3672RF 9

Selective NPFF1 and NPFF2 antagonist

4683RFRP 3 (human)

NPFF1 agonist; GnIH homolog

5677RFRP-1 (human)

Potent NPFF receptor agonist

5761RG 102240

Gene switch ligand for use in inducible gene expression systems

3295RG 108

Non-nucleoside DNA methyltransferase inhibitor

3498RGDS peptide

Integrin binding sequence; inhibits integrin receptor function

1842RHC 80267

Diacylglycerol lipase inhibitor

5003Rhosin hydrochloride

Rho GTPase inhibitor

5311RHPS 4 methosulfate

Telomerase inhibitor

6168RI 1

RAD51 recombinase inhibitor


Antiviral guanosine analog; blocks eIF4E activity


Pregnane X receptor agonist; antibiotic


Pregnane X receptor agonist; antibiotic

0790Rilmenidine hemifumarate

α2 agonist. Also I1 ligand

0768Riluzole hydrochloride

GABA uptake inhibitor. Also glutamate release inhibitor

1497Rimcazole dihydrochloride

σ2 antagonist. Also DAT inhibitor


Farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) synthase inhibitor


5-HT2A antagonist

5538Risperidone - d4

Deuterated risperidone (Cat. No. 2865)


MDM2-p53 interaction inhibitor


Potent 5-HT2 antagonist


HIV-1 and HIV-2 protease inhibitor

4440Rivastigmine tartrate

Dual AChE and BChE inhibitor

5136Rizatriptan benzoate

Potent 5-HT1B/1D agonist

1053RJR 2403 oxalate

α4β2 selective nicotinic agonist

1271RJR 2429 dihydrochloride

Nicotinic receptor agonist

5061RKI 1447 dihydrochloride

Potent and selective ROCK inhibitor; antitumor


Control peptide for TFLLR-NH2 (Cat. No. 1464)

5909RMM 46

MSK/RSK family kinase inhibitor

4977RN 1 dihydrochloride

LSD1 inhibitor

3746RN 1734

Selective TRPV4 antagonist

3745RN 1747

Selective TRPV4 agonist

5678RN 9893 hydrochloride

Potent and selective TRPV4 antagonist

4348Ro 01-6128

Positive allosteric modulator of mGlu1

2188Ro 0437626

Selective P2X1 antagonist

2005Ro 04-5595 hydrochloride

NR2B-selective NMDA antagonist

2911Ro 04-6790

Potent and selective 5-HT6 antagonist

2272Ro 08-2750

Inhibits NGF binding to p75NTR and TrkA

2329Ro 10-5824 dihydrochloride

Selective D4 receptor partial agonist

1778Ro 106-9920

Inhibitor of NF-κB activation

4268Ro 1138452 hydrochloride

Selective prostacyclin IP receptor antagonist

1997Ro 15-4513

Benzodiazepine partial inverse agonist

1995Ro 19-4603

Benzodiazepine inverse agonist

0415Ro 20-1724

PDE4 inhibitor

1594Ro 25-6981 maleate

NR2B-selective NMDA antagonist

1794Ro 26-4550 trifluoroacetate

Competitive inhibitor of IL-2/ IL-2Rα receptor interaction

2002Ro 31-8220 mesylate

Protein kinase inhibitor

1587Ro 32-0432 hydrochloride

Potent, orally active PKC inhibitor

2916Ro 32-3555

Potent, collagenase-selective MMP inhibitor

5968Ro 3280

Potent and selective PLK1 inhibitor

4181Ro 3306

Cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) 1 inhibitor

5389Ro 48-8071 fumarate

2,3-Oxidosqualene cyclase (OSC) inhibitor; blocks cholesterol synthesis

4391Ro 51

Potent P2X3, P2X2/3 antagonist

4694Ro 5-3335

Core binding factor inhibitor; attenuates hematopoiesis

1854Ro 60-0175 fumarate

Potent, selective 5-HT2C agonist

3254Ro 61-8048

Potent kynurenine 3-monooxygenase (KMO) inhibitor

2913Ro 64-5229

Selective, non-competitive mGlu2 antagonist

4347Ro 67-4853

Positive allosteric modulator of group I mGlu receptors

4346Ro 67-7476

Positive allosteric modulator of mGlu1

5913Ro 6842262

Potent LPA1 antagonist

3343Ro 8-4304 hydrochloride

NR2B-selective NMDA antagonist

2408Ro 90-7501

Inhibitor of Aβ42 fibril formation


Selective P2X3 and P2X2/3 antagonist


PDE4 inhibitor


PDE4 inhibitor. More active enantiomer of rolipram (Cat. No. 0905)


PDE4 inhibitor. Less active enantiomer of rolipram (Cat. No. 0905)


Selective D2-like agonist

5543Ropinirole - d7

Deuterated ropinirole (Cat. No. 3680)

2034ROS 234 dioxalate

Potent H3 antagonist


Potent, selective cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor

5168Rose Bengal

Potent VGlut and VMAT inhibitor; cell permeable


Potent and selective PPARγ agonist; antidiabetic agent.

0630Rosmarinic acid

Anti-inflammatory, cytostatic and antiviral; GPR35 agonist


Na+/K+ ATPase modulator; antihypertensive agent


Inhibits complex I of the mitochondrial electron transport chain

3896Rotigotine hydrochloride

Dopamine D2/D3 agonist


Reported PKCδ inhibitor

1559Roxindole hydrochloride

Dopamine D2 autoreceptor agonist. Also has affinity for D3, D4, 5-HT1A receptors and the 5-HT transporter

4289RP 001 hydrochloride

Potent S1P1 agonist

1635RP 67580

Potent and selective NK1 antagonist

5524Rp-8-pCPT-cGMPS sodium

PKG inhibitor

5388RQ 00203078

Potent and selective TRPM8 antagonist; orally active


Tyrosine kinase substrate peptide

5928RS 09

TLR4 peptide agonist; acts as an adjuvant in vivo

5810RS 1

High affinity RAD51 activator; also CRISPR enhancer

1325RS 100329 hydrochloride

Potent, subtype-selective α1A antagonist

1050RS 102221 hydrochloride

Selective 5-HT2C antagonist

2089RS 102895 hydrochloride

CCR2b chemokine receptor antagonist

2993RS 127445 hydrochloride

Selective, high affinity 5-HT2B antagonist

1015RS 16566 dihydrochloride

5-HT3 ligand. Also shows affinity for zacopride binding site

0985RS 17053 hydrochloride

α1A antagonist

0728RS 23597-190 hydrochloride

5-HT4 antagonist

3315RS 25344 hydrochloride

Potent PDE4 inhibitor

0991RS 39604 hydrochloride

5-HT4 antagonist

0889RS 45041-190 hydrochloride

High affinity I2 ligand. Highly selective

2517RS 504393

Highly selective CCR2 chemokine receptor antagonist

0988RS 56812 hydrochloride

5-HT3 partial agonist

0989RS 67333 hydrochloride

5-HT4 partial agonist

0990RS 67506 hydrochloride

5-HT4 partial agonist

0987RS 79948 hydrochloride

Potent, selective α2 antagonist

5138RSVA 405

AMPK activator; also STAT3 inhibitor

0912RU 24969 hemisuccinate

5-HT1B/1A agonist

2970RU 26752

Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist

1672RU 28318, potassium salt

Potent, selective mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist

3224RU 58668

Pure antiestrogen


Caged 4-aminopyridine; a non-selective KV channel blocker


RuBi-caged serotonin


Caged dopamine; exhibits two-photon sensitivity


Caged GABA; excitable by visible wavelength

4709RuBi GABA trimethylphosphine

Caged GABA; inhibits neural activity


Caged glutamate; excited by visible wavelengths


Caged nicotine; rapidly excitable by visible light


Prolongs inactivation of sodium channels; anticonvulsant

4886RU-SKI 43 hydrochloride

Hedgehog acyltransferase (Hhat) inhibitor; cell permeable

1439Ruthenium Red

Non-selective Ca2+ channel blocker (N- and P-type)


Selective CB1 agonist

2719RWJ 21757

Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist

4227RWJ 50271

Inhibitor of LFA-1/ICAM mediated cell adhesion

3935RWJ 52353

α2D agonist

2614RWJ 56110

Selective PAR1 antagonist

2999RWJ 67657

Potent, selective p38α and p38β inhibitor

1324RX 821002 hydrochloride

Potent, selective α2D antagonist


Ca2+ release inhibitor


SETD8 inhibitor; also CDK4 inhibitor


High affinity NOP ligand


Potent, selective NOP partial agonist peptide

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