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5807M 084 hydrochloride

TRPC4/5 channel blocker; antidepressant and anxiolytic

3629M 1145

Potent and selective GAL2 agonist

4917M 25

Potent Smoothened (Smo) receptor antagonist

2771M 344

Histone deacetylase inhibitor


Phospholipase C activator


Inactive analog of m-3M3FBS (Cat. No. 1941)


Potent, non-selective galanin receptor antagonist


Selective GAL1 agonist

5324M8 B hydrochloride

Potent and selective TRPM8 channel blocker


Selective GAL2 antagonist

4934MA 2029

Potent and selective, competitive motilin receptor antagonist; orally active

3061Macbecin I

Hsp90 inhibitor


Oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler

5938Mambalgin 1

Selective ASIC1a inhibitor; analgesic


Potent group II mGlu agonist. Also specific group III mGlu antagonist

1878MAPK Cascade Inhibitor Tocriset™

Selection of 5 MAPK cascade inhibitors (Cat. Nos. 1110, 1213, 1321, 1144 and 1202)

1879MAPK Inhibitor Tocriset™

Selection of 5 MAPK inhibitors (Cat. Nos 1213, 1202, 1264, 1496 and 1144)

0935Maprotiline hydrochloride

Noradrenalin re-uptake inhibitor


Selective CCR5 antagonist


Potent KV1.3 channel blocker


Broad spectrum MMP inhibitor


Mcl-1 inhibitor; proapoptotic


Activates Gi and Go


Potent, selective mGlu1 antagonist


Potassium channel modulator; exerts subtype-specific effects

1900[Ala107]-MBP (104-118)

Protein kinase C inhibitor

1901[Ala113]-MBP (104-118)

Protein kinase C inhibitor

4077MC 1568

Selective HDAC class II (IIa) inhibitor

5727MC 1742

Potent class I and IIb HDAC inhibitor

3806MCH (human, mouse, rat)

Potent endogenous MCH agonist


Potent MCH receptor agonist

3438MCL 0020

Selective MC4 receptor antagonist

2148(±)-McN 5652

Potent, orally active 5-HT uptake inhibitor. Also inhibits noradrenalin and dopamine uptake in vitro

1384McN-A 343

Selective M1 muscarinic agonist

3763MCOPPB trihydrochloride

Potent NOP receptor agonist

3696(RS)-MCPG disodium salt

Sodium salt of (RS)-MCPG (Cat. No. 0336)


Non-selective mGlu antagonist


Non-selective mGlu antagonist. Active isomer of Cat. No. 0336

4205MDA 19

CB2 agonist

3982Mdivi 1

Dynamin inhibitor; attenuates mitochondrial division and apoptosis

4173MDL 100907

Potent and selective 5-HT2A antagonist

0870MDL 11,939

5-HT2A antagonist

1436MDL 12330A hydrochloride

Adenylyl cyclase inhibitor; also cyclic nucleotide PDE inhibitor

1146MDL 28170

Potent, selective calpain and cathepsin B inhibitor

1194MDL 29,913

Selective NK2 antagonist

0640MDL 72222

5-HT3 antagonist

3709MDL 72527

Polyamine oxidase (PAO) inhibitor

0412MDL 72832 hydrochloride

Potent 5-HT1A ligand

0411MDL 73005EF hydrochloride

Potent and selective 5-HT1A partial agonist

3027(±)-MDMA hydrochloride

Inhibitor of 5-HT and dopamine uptake; hallucinogenic


Stable photoreleaser of L-glutamate

5054ME 0328

Selective PARP-3 inhibitor


Inactive analog of BIO (Cat. No. 3194)

2843Mecamylamine hydrochloride

Non-competitive nicotinic receptor antagonist


Very selective and potent A1 receptor agonist

4245Meclizine dihydrochloride

Human pregnane X receptor agonist; H1 antagonist

5160Medetomidine hydrochloride

Potent, highly selective α2 agonist

4615MEDICA 16

FFA1 (GPR40) agonist; also inhibits ATP citrate lyase

6285Megestrol Acetate

Synthetic progesterone analog

2243MEK Inhibitor Tocriset™

Selection of 3 MEK inhibitors (Cat. Nos. 1213, 1969 and 1144)

1929Melanocyte-stimulating hormone release inhibiting factor

Inhibitor of α-MSH release; inhibits opioid effects in vivo

2566Melanotan II

High affinity melanocortin receptor agonist


Endogenous hormone; agonist at MT1 and MT2


Inhibits Gs and stimulates Gi activity

2495Melperone hydrochloride

5-HT2A/D2 receptor antagonist; neuroleptic


DNA alkylating agent; cytotoxic and antineoplastic

0773Memantine hydrochloride

NMDA antagonist; acts at ion channel site

5531Memantine - d6 hydrochloride

Deuterated memantine (Cat. No. 0773)

1632MEN 10376

Potent, selective NK2 antagonist

3978MEN 11270

Selective B2 antagonist; analog of HOE 140 (Cat. No. 3014)

4443Mephedrone hydrochloride

Inhibits synaptosomal dopamine and 5-HT uptake


CYP2C19 substrate. Anticonvulsant

3636Meptazinol hydrochloride

μ1 partial agonist

0660Mepyramine maleate

Selective H1 inverse agonist


Purine analog; inhibits DNA and RNA synthesis


Orally active PDE4 inhibitor

1644Mesulergine hydrochloride

5-HT2A and 5-HT2C antagonist. Also dopamine receptor partial agonist


Acylator of PCP and σ receptors

1443Metastin (human)

Potent, endogenous ligand for kisspeptin receptor


5-HT2 antagonist. Also 5-HT1 antagonist and 5-HT1D ligand. Has moderate affinity for 5-HT6 and high affinity for 5-HT7

2864Metformin hydrochloride

Activator of LKB1/AMPK; antidiabetic agent

5533Metformin - d6 hydrochloride

Deuterated metformin (Cat. No. 2864)


Potent and selective CB1 agonist

1782(R)-(+)-Methanandamide (in Tocrisolve™ 100)

Potent and selective CB1 agonist (in water-soluble emulsion)

0582Methiothepin maleate

Has moderate affinity for 5-ht5 and high affinity for 5-ht6 and 5-HT7. Also antagonist at 5-HT1 and 5-HT2


Cytotoxic agent


Apoptotic and antiangiogenic agent


Fluorometric CYP450 substrate


Fluorescent amyloid β detector; brain penetrant

0577Methyl 2,5-dihydroxycinnamate

EGFR-kinase inhibitor


Class III PI 3-kinase inhibitor; also inhibits autophagy


Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase inhibitor


Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) inhibitor

3213Methylene Blue

Biological stain

3209α,β-Methyleneadenosine 5'-triphosphate trisodium salt

P2 agonist

0549Methylergometrine maleate

Active metabolite of methysergide (Cat. No. 1064)


Potent muscarinic agonist


Activator of GABA amino-transferase

0811(±)-threo-3-Methylglutamic acid

EAAT2 and EAAT4 blocker

0569(R)-(-)-α-Methylhistamine dihydrobromide

Potent, standard H3 agonist

0572(S)-(+)-α-Methylhistamine dihydrobromide

H3 agonist, less active enantiomer

23424-Methylhistamine dihydrochloride

Selective, high affinity H4 agonist

0573Nα-Methylhistamine dihydrochloride

Non-selective H3 agonist

05582-Methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine hydrochloride

5-HT3 agonist/potent 5-HT6 ligand

0557α-Methyl-5-hydroxytryptamine maleate

5-HT2B agonist

0776(S)-Methylisothiourea sulfate

Highly selective iNOS inhibitor


Lysosomal system c L-arginine uptake inhibitor

1042N-Methyllidocaine iodide

Enhances biosynthesis of phosphatidylinositol

1029Methyllycaconitine citrate

α7 neuronal nicotinic receptor antagonist


Succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor

1812Threo-methylphenidate hydrochloride

Inhibitor of dopamine and noradrenalin transporters. Psychomotor stimulant


Glucocorticoid receptor agonist


Potent and selective 5-HT2C agonist

0566N-Methylquipazine dimaleate

5-HT3 agonist

16242-Methylthioadenosine diphosphate trisodium salt

Potent agonist for P2Y1, P2Y12 and P2Y13

10622-Methylthioadenosine triphosphate tetrasodium salt

P2 purinergic agonist

1064Methysergide maleate

5-HT1/5-HT2 antagonist

3256Metoprolol tartrate

Selective β1 antagonist


11-β hydroxylase inhibitor


HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor

2596Mexiletine hydrochloride

Na+ channel blocker; antiarrhythmic agent

4438MFZ 10-7

Negative allosteric modulator at mGlu5

3358MG 101

Calpain inhibitor; activates p53-dependent apoptosis

1748MG 132

Proteasome and calpain inhibitor. Inhibits NF-κB activation

6033(R)-MG 132

Potent 20S proteasome inhibitor

1356MG 624

α7 neuronal nicotinic receptor antagonist

5604MI 14

Potent and selective PI 4-kinase IIIβ inhibitor

5647MI 192

Potent and selective HDAC2/3 inhibitor

4707MI 2 dihydrochloride

Menin-MLL interaction inhibitor

4848MI 2 (MALT1 inhibitor)

MALT1 inhibitor

0997Mianserin hydrochloride

5-HT2 antagonist. Has moderate affinity for 5-ht6

2198Mibefradil dihydrochloride

Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type)

3016Miconazole nitrate

Antifungal agent

2832Midazolam hydrochloride

Benzodiazepine agonist


Progesterone and glucocorticoid receptor antagonist


α-glucosidase inhibitor

3117Miglustat hydrochloride

α-glucosidase I and II inhibitor. Also inhibits ceramide-specific glycosyltransferases

5539Miglustat - d9 hydrochloride

Deuterated miglustat (Cat. No. 3117)

2604Milameline hydrochloride

Muscarinic receptor agonist

3286Milnacipran hydrochloride

5-HT and noradrenalin re-uptake inhibitor (SNRI)


PDE3 inhibitor


Mcl-1 inhibitor; proapoptotic

3268Minocycline hydrochloride

Antibiotic. Displays neuroprotective effects


Kir6 channel (KATP) opener


Restores mutant p53 activity; proapoptotic


MRN-ATM pathway inhibitor


Potent 5-HT2 antagonist. Also 5-HT3, H1 and α2-antagonist. Antidepressant


Cytoprotective PGE1 analog

1489Mithramycin A

Inhibitor of DNA and RNA polymerase


Dynamin inhibitor


Insulin sensitizer; exhibits low binding affinity at PPARγ

3258Mitomycin C

DNA cross-linking antitumor agent


Fluorescent mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide indicator

4250Mitoxantrone dihydrochloride

Topoisomerase II inhibitor; immunosuppressive and antineoplastic agent

1875Mixed Adrenergic Tocriset™

Selection of 5 mixed adrenoceptor ligands (Cat. Nos. 0888, 0425, 1747, 0623 and 0952)

1829Mixed mGlu Receptor Tocriset™

Selection of 5 mixed mGlu receptor ligands (Cat. Nos. 0805, 0975, 0103, 0337 and 1209)

1825Mixed NMDA Receptor Tocriset™

Selection of 5 mixed NMDA receptor ligands (Cat. Nos. 0114, 0312, 0106, 0924 and 1241)

4063MJ 15

Potent and selective CB1 antagonist

4415MK 0343

Subtype-selective GABAA receptor partial agonist

5272MK 0677

High affinity ghrelin receptor agonist

4622MK 1903

Potent and selective GPR109A (HCA2) agonist

0941MK 212 hydrochloride

5-HT2C agonist

4014MK 217

Inhibitor of farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS) and osteoclast-mediated bone resorption

5842MK 386

Potent, selective human type 1 5α-reductase inhibitor

2338MK 571

Potent CysLT1 (LTD4) inverse agonist. Also MRP1 inhibitor

0955(-)-MK 801 maleate

NMDA antagonist, less active enantiomer

0924(+)-MK 801 maleate

Non-competitive NMDA antagonist; acts at ion channel site

1311MK 886

Inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP)


TRPML channel activator

4621MKT 077

Binds mot-2; selectively cytotoxic in cancer cells

4854ML 00253764 hydrochloride

Melanocortin MC4 receptor antagonist; brain penetrant

3499ML 10302 hydrochloride

Potent and selective 5-HT4 partial agonist

4899ML 120B dihydrochloride

Novel IKK2-selective inhibitor

4354ML 130

Inhibits NOD1-induced NF-κB activation

4549ML 133 hydrochloride

Kir2 channel blocker

4266ML 141

Selective inhibitor of Cdc42 Rho family GTPase

4172ML 145

GPR35 antagonist

5161ML 154

Potent neuropeptide S receptor (NPSR) antagonist

4570ML 161

Inhibits PAR1-mediated platelet activation

4653ML 171

Selective NADPH oxidase 1 (NOX1) inhibitor

4957ML 179

Selective liver receptor homolog 1 (LRH1) inverse agonist

5599ML 18

BRS-3 antagonist; also GRPR agonist

4866ML 190

Selective κ opioid receptor antagonist

4860ML 193

Potent, selective GPR55 antagonist

4859ML 202

Pyruvate kinase M2 activator

4732ML 204

Selective TRPC4 blocker

5987(±)-ML 209

RORγt inverse agonist; suppresses Th17 cell differentiation

4519ML 213

KV7.2 and KV7.4 channel opener

4507ML 218 hydrochloride

Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type)

4748ML 221

Apelin receptor (APJ) antagonist

4565ML 228

HIF pathway activator

5966ML 233

Non-peptide apelin receptor agonist

4829ML 239

Breast cancer stem cell inhibitor

5153ML 240

ATP-competitive inhibitor of p97 ATPase

4777ML 277

Selective Kv7.1 (KCNQ1) potassium channel activator; augments IKs current

4880ML 281

STK33 inhibitor

4976ML 289

Selective negative allosteric modulator of mGlu3

5380ML 297

Selective Kir3.1/3.2 (GIRK1/2) channel activator

4895ML 298 hydrochloride

Selective PLD2 inhibitor

5700ML 315 hydrochloride

Inhibitor of Clk and DYRK kinases

5625ML 334

Inhibitor of Keap1- Nrf2 interaction

4982ML 337

Selective negative allosteric modulator of mGlu3

5943ML 339

Potent and selective hCXCR6 antagonist

4586ML 3403

p38 inhibitor

4945ML 347

Potent and selective ALK1 and ALK2 inhibitor

5345ML 348

Selective and reversible lysophospholipase 1 (LYPLA1) inhibitor

5344ML 349

Selective and reversible lysophospholipase 2 (LYPLA2) inhibitor

5725ML 352 hydrochloride

High affinity and selective presynaptic choline transporter (CHT) inhibitor

5387ML 354

Selective PAR4 antagonist

5337ML 365

Potent and selective K2P3.1 TASK-1 channel blocker

5738ML 382

MrgX1 (SNSR4) positive allosteric modulator

4310ML 7 hydrochloride

Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase

5036ML 786 dihydrochloride

Potent Raf kinase inhibitor; orally bioavailable

0431ML 9 hydrochloride

Myosin light chain kinase inhibitor

4746ML SA1

Activator of TRPML channels

1885MLCK inhibitor peptide 18

Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase


Potent and selective LRRK2 inhibitor

4582MLR 1023

Selective allosteric activator of Lyn kinase

6171MLS 1547

G protein-biased D2 receptor partial agonist

5307MM 102

WDR5/MLL interaction inhibitor

3822MM 11253

RARγ-selective antagonist

5992MM 54

Potent apelin receptor antagonist

0933MM 77 dihydrochloride

5-HT1A (postsynaptic) antagonist


Biotinylated anandamide analog; blocks anandamide uptake


Potent dolastatin 10 analog; antitumor


Activator of Nrf2 pathway; primary metabolite of DMF (Cat. No. 4512)

3537MMK 1

Potent and selective FPR2 agonist

2963MMPIP hydrochloride

Potent, allosteric mGlu7-selective antagonist


PDE1 inhibitor

5084MN 64

Potent and selective tankyrase inhibitor

4388MNI 137

Selective negative allosteric modulator of group II mGlu receptors

2225MNI caged kainic acid

Caged kainic acid


Caged NMDA


Stable photoreleaser of L-glutamate


Caged D-aspartate; NMDA agonist


Novel, non-toxic immunosuppressive agent


Selective inhibitor of Src and Syk


Reversible MAO-A inhibitor




Dopamine uptake inhibitor

2691Moexipril hydrochloride

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor

2568MOG (35-55)

Encephalitogenic myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein fragment

4115Mometasone furoate

Synthetic corticosteroid; anti-inflammatory agent


Selective inhibitor of mitotic kinesin Eg5

5223Monensin sodium salt

Sodium ionophore; antibacterial agent


Potent TMEM16A (Anoctamin-1) blocker

5904Montelukast sodium

CysLT1 and GPR17 antagonist


Widely used buffering agent

5888MOPSO, free acid

Buffer; working pH range in aqueous solution: 6.2-7.6

5158Morphine hydrochloride

Narcotic opioid analgesic

2844Mosapride citrate

5-HT4 agonist and 5-HT3 antagonist

2264Motilin (human, porcine)

Endogenous peptide regulator of gastrointestinal motility

2282Moxonidine hydrochloride

I1 receptor and α2-adrenoceptor agonist (I1 > α2)

5803MP A08

Selective ATP competitive SphK1 and 2 inhibitor; cell permeable

5231MPC 6827 hydrochloride

Inhibitor of microtubule polymerization; antimitotic and antitumor


Potent inhibitor of L-glutamate uptake. Less activity as a substrate compared to its parent compound, L-trans-2,4-PDC (Cat. No. 0298)


Melatonin agonist

1212MPEP hydrochloride

mGlu5 antagonist and positive allosteric modulator at mGlu4


Potent, selective α1 antagonist. Also σ2 ligand

1991MPP dihydrochloride

Highly selective ERα antagonist


Selective glutamate carboxypeptidase II (GCP II) inhibitor; orally bioavailable


Group III/group II mGlu antagonist. More selective for group III than group II


α1 ligand

0783N-MPPP Hydrochloride

Selective κ agonist

5562Mps BAY 2a

Potent and selective Mps1 kinase inhibitor

5142Mps1-IN-1 dihydrochloride

Selective Mps1 kinase inhibitor

0537MR 16728 hydrochloride

Stimulates ACh release

4041MRE 3008F20

Highly potent and selective adenosine A3 receptor antagonist

3817MRK 016

α5-selective GABAA inverse agonist

4000MRK 560

γ-secretase inhibitor; attenuates amyloid plaque deposition

1217MRS 1220

Highly potent, selective hA3 antagonist

1385MRS 1334

Potent, highly selective hA3 antagonist

5246MRS 1477

TRPV1 positive allosteric modulator

1584MRS 1706

Potent and selective A2B inverse agonist

2752MRS 1754

Selective A2B antagonist

1866MRS 1845

Potent SOCE inhibitor; blocks capacitative Ca2+ entry

0900MRS 2179 tetrasodium salt

Selective P2Y1 antagonist

2402MRS 2211

Competitive P2Y13 antagonist

1203MRS 2219

Potentiates P2X1-mediated responses

2158MRS 2279

Selective, high affinity P2Y1 antagonist

2157MRS 2365

Highly potent and selective P2Y1 agonist

2159MRS 2500 tetraammonium salt

Extremely potent and selective P2Y1 antagonist

2146MRS 2578

Selective P2Y6 antagonist

2915MRS 2690

Potent P2Y14 agonist

2502MRS 2693 trisodium salt

Selective P2Y6 agonist

3884MRS 2768 tetrasodium salt

Selective P2Y2 agonist

5633MRS 2905

Potent and selective P2Y14 receptor agonist

4260MRS 2957 triethylammonium salt

Potent and selective P2Y6 agonist

2403MRS 3777 hemioxalate

High affinity, selective A3 antagonist

4261MRS 4062 triethylammonium salt

Selective P2Y4 receptor agonist

5428MRS 5698

High affinity and selective A3 adenosine receptor agonist

4585MRT 10

Smoothened (Smo) antagonist

5134MRT 67307 dihydrochloride

Salt inducible kinase (SIK) inhibitor

5067MRT 68601 hydrochloride

Potent TBK1 inhibitor

5780MRT 68921 dihydrochloride

Potent ULK inhibitor; inhibits autophagy

5713MS 023 dihydrochloride

Potent and selective type I PRMT inhibitor

4208MS 245 oxalate

High affinity 5-HT6 antagonist

6208MS 275

HDAC (Class I) inhibitor

5173MS 436

Potent and selective BRD4(1) inhibitor

5685MS049 oxalate salt

Potent and selective PRMT4 and PRMT6 inhibitor

5641MSC 2032964A

Potent and selective ASK1 inhibitor; orally bioavailable

5954MSG 606

Potent human MC1 receptor antagonist; also MC3 and MC5 partial agonist


Selective MC3 receptor agonist


Selective MC3 receptor agonist


Endogenous melanocortin receptor agonist


Melanocortin receptor agonist


Specific group III mGlu antagonist


Group II/group III mGlu antagonist

2921MTEP hydrochloride

Potent, selective mGlu5 antagonist


Group II/group III mGlu antagonist. More selective for group II than group III


Reagent used in the measurement of cell proliferation

3816Muristerone A

Stimulates Bcl-XL mRNA transcription; antiapoptotic

3074(+)-Muscarine iodide

Muscarinic receptor agonist


Potent GABAA agonist


PDE5 inhibitor

4102Mycophenolate mofetil

Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase inhibitor

1505Mycophenolic acid

Inosine monophosphatase dehydrogenase inhibitor

3399Myelin Basic Protein (87-99)

Major antigenic component implicated in the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis


Irreversible TrxR inhibitor

0567(±)-Myristoylcarnitine chloride

Intermediate in lipid metabolism

6154MZ 1

(+)-JQ1 based PROTAC that selectively degrades BRD4 in cells.

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