Vitamin D Receptors

More Information »Vitamin D receptors (VDRs) are members of the NR1I family, which also includes pregnane X receptors (PXR) and constitutive androstane receptors (CAR). They form heterodimers with retinoid X receptor family members, and are expressed in the intestine, thyroid and kidney.

Vitamin D Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
2551 Calcitriol
Vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist
3206 Doxercalciferol
Vitamin D2 analog, VDR agonist
3993 EB 1089
Vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist
3970 Ercalcitriol
Active metabolite of vitamin D2
Product Name / Activity
4159 Alfacalcidol
Prodrug of vitamin D3 (Cat. No. 4156)
4036 Calcifediol
Prohormone of calcitriol (Cat. No. 2551). Major circulating form of vitamin D
2700 Calcipotriol
Vitamin D3 analog
4146 Ercalcidiol
Metabolite of vitamin D2
4160 22-Oxacalcitriol
Non-calcemic vitamin D3 (Cat. No. 4156) analog
4161 Paricalcitol
Analog of the active form of vitamin D2
4157 Tacalcitol
Synthetic vitamin D3 (Cat. No. 4156) analog
4156 Vitamin D3
Precursor of calcifediol (Cat. No. 4036). Naturally occurring form of vitamin D
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