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Aurora Kinases

More Information »Aurora kinases are a family of three highly homologous serine/threonine kinases that play a critical role in regulating many of the processes that are pivotal to mitosis. Each of the isoforms, Aurora A, Aurora B and Aurora C, has a different function in the control of mitosis.

Aurora Kinases Products

Product Name / Activity
4291 CCT 137690
Potent pan-Aurora kinase inhibitor
3988 Hesperadin hydrochloride
Potent Aurora kinase B inhibitor
4821 PF 03814735
Aurora kinase A and B inhibitor
4584 SNS 314 mesylate
Potent pan-Aurora kinase inhibitor
4066 TC-A 2317 hydrochloride
Potent, selective Aurora kinase A inhibitor
5286 TC-S 7010
Potent and selective Aurora kinase A inhibitor
2458 ZM 447439
Inhibits Aurora kinase B
Product Name / Activity
3084 Anacardic acid
Aurora kinase A activator. Also inhibits histone acetyltransferase
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