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Free Fatty Acid Receptors

More Information »Free Fatty Acid (FFA) receptors are a group of Gq/11 protein-coupled receptors that are currently divided into FFA1, FFA2 and FFA3 subtypes. FFA receptors are concentrated in the pancreatic islet cells (particularly FFA1) and in the brain.

Free Fatty Acid Receptor Products

Product Name / Activity
5035 AS 2034178
Selective FFA1 (GPR40) agonist
4642 4-CMTB
FFA2 agonist; also exhibits positive allosteric modulatory activity
5257 GSK 137647
Potent and selective FFA4 (GPR120) agonist
2649 GW 9508
Potent and selective FFA1 (GPR40) agonist
4615 MEDICA 16
FFA1 (GPR40) agonist; also inhibits ATP citrate lyase
3795 TUG 424
FFA1 (GPR40) agonist
Product Name / Activity
5256 AH 7614
Selective FFA4 (GPR120) antagonist
5357 DC 260126
FFA1 (GPR40) antagonist

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