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Tesaglitazar C20H24O7S [251565-85-2]

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Alternative Name: AZ 242

Chemical Name: (S)-2-Ethoxy-3-[4-[2-(4-methanesulfonyloxyphenyl)ethoxy]phenyl]propanoic acid

Biological Activity

Dual-specificity PPARα/γ agonist (IC50 values are 0.35 and 3.8 μM for PPARγ and PPARα respectively). Prevents atherosclerosis progression in E3L.CETP transgenic mice. Also reduces insulin resistance in obese Zucker rats. Orally active.

Licensing Information

Sold with the permission of AstraZeneca UK Ltd.

Technical Data

Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO and to 100 mM in ethanol
>98 %
Desiccate at RT

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Certificate of Analysis / Safety Data Sheet

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Cronet et al (2001) Structure of the PPARβ and -γ ligand binding domain in complex with AZ 242; ligand selectivity and agonist activation in the PPAR family. Structure 9 699. PMID: 11587644.

Ljung et al (2002) AZ 242, a novel PPARα/γ agonist with beneficial effects on insulin resistance and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in ob/ob mice and obese Zucker rats. J.Lipid Res. 43 1855. PMID: 12401884.

Ebdrup et al (2003) Synthesis and biological and structural characterization of the dual-acting peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α/γ agonist ragaglitazar. J.Med.Chem. 46 1306. PMID: 12672231.

van der Hoorn et al (2009) The dual PPARα/γ agonist tesaglitazar blocks progression of pre-existing atherosclerosis in APOE*3Leiden.CETP transgenic mice. Br.J.Pharmacol. 156 1067. PMID: 19220285.

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